How to deal with sexual harassment?

(1) Don’t be a silent person, here not only emphasizes not to choose to be silent when you encounter sexual violence, but also to choose to be silent when others encounter sexual harassment, so that the abuser will not continue to act blatantly, but it should be noted here that the victim may not Be ready to disclose this matter. At this time, we should not easily disclose the victim’s victimization experience, otherwise it may cause another mental harm to the victim;

(2) Speak up for the victim, which is a requirement for the people around the victim. When a person encounters sexual harassment, he may be subject to people’s comments and evaluations. People may sympathize with him, and some people may feel that he has lost Chastity, these evaluations will make the victim suffer more mental pressure, we should say no to these comments and evaluations;

(3) Leave the violent environment. If you have been sexually harassed in an environment for a long time, and you have no ability to deal with it, then of course you must try to find a way to leave such an environment, and don’t choose to allow yourself to suffer because of some obsessions. pain of;

(4) Actively seek assistance. Human beings are social animals. When encountering difficulties, we need help from others. These help include giving ourselves spiritual companionship and encouragement, helping ourselves cope with violent environments, and helping ourselves fight against the perpetrators together;

(5)When you ask for help, don’t just think about our friends and relatives. Nowadays, there are some agencies that provide help to victims of sexual violence. They can provide you with more professional and reliable help, so these professional agencies It is also necessary for us to understand that we can get very powerful help at critical moments.

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