How to deal with sexual assault?

Rape is the most serious form of sexual violence. Compared to rape, there is another relatively mild form of sexual violence called “sexual assault” – as long as it is against the will of another, through violence, arguments, mental stress, alcohol or drugs, or authority engage in sexual activity

Whether it is adults or children and adolescents, men and women are likely to be sexually assaulted to varying degrees. According to incomplete statistics from the United Nations, 35% of women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes, and this phenomenon is even more serious in some countries. , and there is no global survey that can provide reliable data on the situation of men being sexually assaulted.

Sexual assault is definitely a nightmare for many people. If you have experienced sexual assault and feel that you have encountered some difficulties in emotional or intimate relationships, it is difficult for you to face it alone, I suggest you seek professional help.

Due to the specific circumstances of sexual assault, the age of the victim, and the continuing situation, etc., there are many differences. When helping the client to get out of the shadow of sexual assault, it should be analyzed in light of the actual situation. Here I offer some suggestions to help friends who have had similar experiences to get out of the haze in their hearts.

1. It's not your fault that you were sexually assaulted.

You have the right to ask the other party to apologize or even take legal responsibility. Victims of sexual assault tend to fall into self-doubt and denial, believing that it is their own fault or their own fault that such terrible things happen to them. In fact, the victim is innocent and the abuser is the one who should pay the price, so once you feel ready, you can confront the abuser and ask him to apologize or pay the price.

2. Live in the present, let the past pass.

Sexual assault is a nightmare with all kinds of effects, but it’s only a part of your life, not your entire life. You now have a chance to live your day and embrace and embrace the good life. Pay attention to every little thing you do in the moment, go to work, go to life, go to love, go to love. Focus on the little things in life, focus on the present every day, say goodbye to the past, and you will eventually come out and live a wonderful life. Although this is easier said than done, many people experience traumatic emergency syndrome after being sexually assaulted, so if you have been experiencing various anxiety or depression, seek medical attention Help is the best way.

3. Nourish yourself in stable or healthy relationships.

Sexual assault destroys the sense of trust between people, so another way to get out of the shadow of sexual assault is to build and maintain a relatively stable and nurturing interpersonal relationship. But this can be a challenge in itself for many who have experienced sexual assault. You can slowly try to start with a pet, then to a counselor or someone you trust. Of course, a good relationship, a trusted partner, can help you re-establish trust and have the ability to build intimacy, and in such a safe and stable relationship you will be nourished and you will gradually come out of sexual assault. haze.

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