How to create a sense of mystery and stimulate a man’s desire to conquer

First, keep it mysterious.

People often say that they want to conquer the sea of ​​stars, so what is the sea of ​​stars? It’s the unknown, it’s an adventure, it’s an unexpected surprise. So what do you need to have? You need mystery. Women love homes, men love cars; women need a sense of security, and they prefer to have a warm nest in their own four corners of the world, while men yearn for the horizon, they are eager to conquer the stars and the sea, which makes most of them. Men will be hot-blooded. The so-called mystery and the unknown are what a man’s heart wants. Your sense of mystery makes him feel the unknown, makes him curious, and wants to get close.

How do we release and maintain our mystery in the early stages of attraction? It’s very simple, just don’t let the other party know too much information about you too early, and let him always keep a curiosity about you. For example, when he asks you what kind of work you do, you can answer him and say, my job is to maintain world peace. He asked where you were from, and you said I was from Venus. Because men are from Mars and women are from Venus! If you really can’t, let him guess. For example, if he asks what zodiac sign you are, you can ask him to guess. If he guesses correctly, he will get a prize and if he guesses wrong, he will be punished. If he guesses wrong, he will be punished for sharing a photo of his childhood and so on. In the face of the other party’s curiosity and questions, don’t give all direct answers, you can respond in a joking way, let the other party feel that obtaining your information is a process of chasing, and let him feel that you hide some secrets. After all, only women who are full of mystery are desirable. Otherwise, as soon as he asks you an answer, wouldn’t your communication become an account check! If you let the other person know your information too thoroughly, it will make him lose curiosity about you, so don’t let the other person know all your information until your relationship has warmed up or settled. Just like when a movie is about to be released, you will only be shown a part of the trailer first, and some wonderful scenes will be shown, and you will not be allowed to see the main film, let alone let you know the ending. When the other party asks you questions and asks for information, you should tell him the things that add points, and the information that does not add points or even deduct points should be answered with concealment or ridicule. Learning to develop strengths and avoid weaknesses is the key to maintaining a sense of mystery. Therefore, the core of creating a sense of mystery is to let the other party know the information that is beneficial to you, and the information that will bring you unfavorable information, or even the information that will not add points, just make it transition by making fun of it and shifting the topic. In the past, keep it mysterious and let the other party guess.

Create trouble, keep his desire to conquer

Second, learn to make trouble.

Let yourself be that little mountain that takes effort to climb. What does the good guy card mean? Everyone knows you’re a good guy, but we don’t fit; you’re a good guy, but I don’t have feelings for you. Why do some people always get issued cards but can’t attract each other? The reason is simple, because she doesn’t cause trouble.

Desire to conquer, in addition to conquering the unknown, but also conquering challenges. If you let the other party have no sense of challenge at all, it will be difficult for him to continue to conquer you. It’s like playing a game, no one likes to play the easy mode all the time, and always want to constantly increase the difficulty of the game to challenge higher positions. So you have to learn to make trouble and level up your game. For example, if the other party invites you, many girls will think, oh my, the boy I like has finally asked me out, so I go there happily. I don’t have any requirements or opinions on the dating project or venue, just let the other party arrange it, and then take the subway or Taking the bus to go to an appointment seems to be very worry-free on the surface, but it really doesn’t work. If the other party invites you, it means that he is interested in you. At this time, we must know how to add drama to ourselves, have our own framework, have our own preferences, and create some small troubles for the other party that can be completed. For example, if the other party wants to invite you to eat Japanese food today, you tell him that I don’t like Japanese food, and what kind of dishes I like to eat, and then ask him to find such a store as a meeting place. Or the other party wants to make an appointment with you during the day and ask you where you like to go. Don’t say casual, you can arrange it. You want to find a project you like, such as watching an exhibition, watching a drama, listening to a musical, but don’t say the specific location, Let him find it. Can you also say where I live, can you pick me up easily? In short, throw some small problems to the other party, let him solve it, and let the other party ask you less casually and easily.

Only when you become a little trouble maker will you be the choice to be conquered. The places in the world that are worth conquering are always the places that cause the most trouble, and those who can arouse men’s desire to conquer are always those who are good at making small troubles. The troublesome woman also has her own framework. If the other party invites you temporarily, if the attitude is random, don’t go to the invitation, and at least make an appointment one day in advance. If the invitation from the other party is not sincere, you can refuse it in a similar way. This fairy’s schedule is full today. I remember to book the next appointment in advance. Think about it, if you are summoned by the other party and go away, wouldn’t it mean that you have razed your own mountains to the ground, and will there be people who want to conquer you? He is already above you, how can he desire to conquer you? There is such a kind of girl who always makes men want to stop, that is, while I give you hope, at the same time, I push you away at the critical moment, causing some small troubles. Sometimes we always feel that it is not good to let other people’s pigeons, but if you have an appointment with the other party three times, because one day you suddenly cancel the appointment, you will arouse the other party’s desire to conquer, why? Because you are the trouble maker, keep this in mind, the ones worth conquering are always the ones that are troublesome to conquer.

Of course, you should also pay attention to the troubles you create, so as not to hurt the other party’s self-esteem, you must consider the other party’s economic ability and the other party’s mood, and you must master the strength. All things in the world are always going to be reversed at the extreme. So the trouble you create for him is to enable him to do it, but it is not an effort. It’s as if everyone knows that Mount Everest is the highest peak in the world, and every man is eager to conquer the highest peak in the world, but very few people go, because for many men, the trouble is too much It was too big for him to bear it. Therefore, to make the other party feel that it is troublesome and tiring to get up, but it can be obtained through hard work, which requires you to make a trade-off according to the other party’s character, economic conditions, etc.

Add sunk costs and lead him to invest for you

The third key point is to learn to guide the other party to invest in you, and let him invest time, energy and mind in you.

As he invests more and more, he will want you more and more, and wanting the other party to want you is the key to arousing the desire to conquer. It’s as if you want to give up when you are halfway through climbing the peak, but you can’t put it down anymore, so it’s better to take the opportunity to climb it. So how to do it specifically? It’s very simple, just learn to ask the other person for advice. For example, one day you want to buy a game console, you can tell him if you can help me choose it and see which one is better to buy. It doesn’t matter whether you buy it or not, because the other party has already invested time in choosing it for you. If one day your computer breaks down and you know how to fix it, there is a repair shop downstairs, but you still have to take the opportunity to ask. He, I have a little trouble, can you help me, or teach me how to fix it. If you have nothing to do, you can harass him and say, there is a book shortage recently, is there any good book you can recommend? Suddenly want to watch a movie, can you recommend a few wonderful movies to me, and so on. You have to pretend that you don’t know anything, ask the other person for help, ask him for help, and let his time and energy be devoted to you, even when he is not chatting or dating with you, his body and mind are still devoted to you. , because he keeps adding to his own sunk costs in helping you.

Acting like a spoiled child is always pretending that you can’t do it, no matter how big it is, and letting a man do it. This is actually the process of guiding the other party to invest. For example, if you install a software, you can indeed check Baidu to solve it, but why not let him check it for you? Ask him about things you don’t understand, and ask him to help you to teach you. Not only can you guide the other party to invest, but it also creates opportunities for the other party to increase the intersection between the two of you, and let him do some small things for you. When you’re free, can you say, I’m busy, can you get me a bottle of water? When ordering, can you say can you hand me the plate? Can you hand me the chopsticks? Can you get me a tissue? Don’t let yourself be a woman who is unobstructed and has no desire to explore; also don’t let yourself be a woman who will not be late and can easily make an appointment; let yourself be a smart woman who can inspire the other party’s desire to conquer, Let the other party actively chase and climb you.

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