How to choose the right condom for more orgasms

At the beginning of the invention of the condom, it was hailed as a “happy invention” by King Charles II of England. Although it has become an indispensable “love equipment” for modern people, in real life, many men stay away from condoms on the grounds that they affect their sexual feelings. In fact, choosing condoms is also a matter of knowledge, at least you should learn the following tricks.

A survey conducted by relevant agencies showed that among 3,000 men aged 16 to 60, only 18% chose a suitable condom, while the remaining 48% used condoms that were too large, and 34% used condoms that were too large. Condom is too small. These problems are not really condom problems, but people are too arbitrary when choosing.

1. Store for one year, feel the best

Condoms are not as fresh as food, and are best used within 1 to 2 years after they leave the factory. The condoms that have just left the factory have poor elasticity and texture. After six months to one year of storage, the latex will have a certain degree of physical or chemical reaction with the lubricant, and the texture and elasticity will reach the best state. And more than 3 years after leaving the factory, not only is it easy to become brittle, but the lubricant added inside is almost absorbed by the latex, and the lubricating effect is greatly reduced.

Sex condoms with particles or threads on the surface, or with fragrance and color will be added with other substances, which are more prone to aging. The added substances will also increase the chance of allergies. Pay attention to your body’s feelings when using them.

2. If you ejaculate quickly, don't use ultra-thin condoms

Condoms can be divided into three types: ultra-thin, thin and ordinary. From a physiological point of view, the thinner the condom, the closer the man thinks he and his lover are, and the greater the pleasure obtained; the thicker the condom, the more limited the sensitivity of male penis in the married life, and the feeling will be worse.

However, men who ejaculate faster are not suitable for ultra-thin products. Using thicker condoms will help to prolong the time of intercourse, so that both parties can get more full sense of pleasure.

3. Choose the right model and use less fragrance sets

People in different regions have different physical characteristics, and condoms also have different sizes. In most cases, the condom size suitable for the vast majority of men in my country is medium. If you feel it is too tight or too loose after using it once, you should use a thin thread to wrap around the center of the fully hardened penis, and then measure the length of the thread to get the value of the circumference of the penis, then divide by 2, Then, based on this calculation result, consult to purchase the right size condom.

Condoms today come in a variety of colors and scents. This can improve people’s aversion to condoms and increase sexual attraction. However, the added spices may cause inflammation of the female partner’s vagina. When choosing this type of product, it is best to buy a small package. If it is uncomfortable to wear, you can discard it, and the loss is not large.

4. Wear a condom without erection, it is easy to fall off

Be careful when wearing a condom: it should be worn after the penis is completely hardened, otherwise the condom will be wrinkled and easily slipped off.

Secondly, if after wearing it, there is still no formal sex after a long time of caressing, it will make the surface of the condom dry and it will be difficult to enter the female private tract.

Therefore, it is best to put on the condom after being caressed by both parties, wait until the excitement level increases, and make sure that the curled part of the condom end is exposed on the outside.

After sex, you should immediately press the bottom of the condom with your hand when the penis is still hard, and take off the condom after the penis is completely pulled away.

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