How to choose a candle that is really suitable for dripping wax in your sex?

“When the fiery wax liquid fell on her smooth and soft skin, her lips were slightly open, her brows were slightly frowned, she was panting, restraint and indulgence intertwined, and her patience revealed enjoyment. Wax, this indescribable sensual scene must have come to your mind.

However, the difference between the ideal drip wax and reality is very huge. The reality is often – the wax oil falls on her body, and the woman in front of her instantly burst out with a scream like a pig, grinning from the heat, rolling all over the floor, losing her manners, and you who have no eyesight are still chasing behind and want to do another two. Down, with a show-like expression on his face, the resentment in the house reached its peak…

Huh? What about moaning? What about enjoyment? Why is the style wrong?

In fact, dripping wax is a technical job, and many husband and wife conflicts, rivalry, fighting in the same room, and cannibalism all stem from the improper dripping method. What kind of candle is suitable for dripping, where and how to drip it, today I will give you some popular science~

How to choose a candle that is really suitable for dripping wax in your sex?

I believe that many friends who have bought the so-called “low temperature candles” for a few dollars a box on Amazon have a deep feeling: low temperature peat! The skin is getting hot and bald!

Cheap is not good, then I will buy expensive! Dozens or hundreds of dollars a box of essential oil massage candles can’t be wrong, right? Well, the fragrance is quite fragrant. It drips like a hot spring. It’s not too comfortable. Now my girlfriend forces me to give her a massage every day. I was reduced to a free foot rubbing technician…

To choose candles, you must first understand several kinds of waxes commonly used in the production of candles-

soy wax

Soybean wax is extracted from soybean oil. The melting temperature is about 54°C, and the temperature of touching the skin is low. Mild in nature, it is least likely to cause irritation to the skin. Soybean oil is also rich in vitamin E, which makes the skin smooth, moisturized and rejuvenated.

Soybean wax is soft and not suitable to be made into column wax alone. Generally, it will be made into cup wax in containers. The low hardness also makes the single-ingredient soy wax more difficult to remove after dripping onto the skin, and it is not as easy to peel off as paraffin wax.


Paraffin, which melts at around 57°C, is mostly used to make lighting candles. The texture is hard and easy to peel off when cleaning.

Taking care of hard-core players, there are also sexy candles with paraffin as the main ingredient on the market. If you like to clean up easily, and your M prefers pain, you can choose it.

The process requirements of paraffin making sexy candles are often higher. Not all candles with paraffin as the main component are suitable for dripping wax, because any spices and additives will increase the burning temperature of the finished product. Many low-quality “sex candles” that cost a few dollars , the actual melting temperature is much higher than 57°C.


Beeswax is a fatty substance secreted from 4 pairs of wax glands in the abdomen of suitable-age worker bees. The melting temperature is 63°C.

Beeswax is not suitable for use alone as a sex candle for dripping wax, otherwise it will cause severe burns and blistering, but it can be mixed with soy wax or lower temperature coconut wax to make a moderate melting temperature. Because it is environmentally friendly, degradable, and does not produce pungent smoke and harmful substances, beeswax is also often used to make high-quality lighting candles.

To sum up, high-quality candles suitable for dripping wax often have the following characteristics:

Thick – easy to hold and place.

Simple shape – Soy wax is soft and not suitable for making delicate and intricate shapes, often simple cylinders, or in containers.

Matte texture and low transparency – it means that high-quality soybean wax is the main ingredient. On the contrary, the more paraffin wax it contains, the higher the transparency.

Lower hardness – Soy wax is softer, and high-quality low-temperature candles tend to contain no or very little added plasticizers, so the hardness is low and the surface will have a slightly oily feel.

Unscented or weakly scented – those with strong scents are not necessarily inferior candles, but inferior candles often have a strong pungent scent. Adding more scent additives will increase the burning temperature of the candle or cause irritation to the skin. Some high-quality candles will add a small amount of essential oil to adjust the smell in order to make the smell and temperature reach the ideal value, and then adjust the wax ratio to offset this part of the temperature change.

High prices – high-quality soy waxes are generally more expensive.

In addition, pay attention to these points when dripping wax-

1. Do not drip on hair or thick body hair, unless you want to have a waxing hair removal.

2. Do not drip it on the face, the facial skin is very thin and easily sensitive, and the wax liquid splashing into the eyes will cause serious damage and even blindness.

3. Don’t learn some heavy-mouthed small movies, pour wax into XX, don’t die, don’t die, don’t die, just watch it!

4. The higher the height of the wax drop, the lower the skin temperature. Generally speaking, it is most suitable to start from a height of about 50cm, and then adjust the height of the drop according to personal feeling.

5. Do not drip wax to the same spot continuously, otherwise the heat will gather in the same place, causing skin burns.

6. When dripping wax, keep rotating the candle to melt the wax evenly in all directions. Candles have a “burning memory”. If they melt unevenly, they may only burn in one direction afterward, causing waste.

7. Drops of wax may sometimes cause slight burns and redness of the skin. You can apply some aloe vera gel or a soothing lotion afterward.

8. Wax droplets on the ground or bed are difficult to clean, especially if you are in a hotel, if you don’t want to drop wax for a while, and if you don’t want to drop wax for a while, then you can save a lot of trouble by putting an anti-fouling cloth under your body.

Lovely Valentine’s Day, come on, let’s enjoy the time of dripping wax together.

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