How to chat with a boy you like?

This can be divided into four stages: embarrassment period, ambiguous period, love period, dull period

Embarrassing period:

that is, when the girl just met or wants to develop in the direction of love, the girl wants to know more about the boy, but she has a lot of ideas, afraid that she will be too active to make the boy hate it! I feel that I am very unrestrained…… no no Don’t have this kind of thinking, just chat simply and directly, if you like it, you like it, then bravely express it. But the premise is that you must never come up and confess. 80% of them will be rejected. People don’t know you well. If you add friends directly and confess after a few days, you will feel terrible! It’s better to try to let the boy you like get to know you, find out your cuteness later, and come after you and confess to you.

When you first met, because it is a boy you like, you should take the initiative and find some common topics. The topics he likes are the best!

I will first introduce myself briefly and share my hobbies. Then he will also introduce himself to share his hobbies with you, and then find that the hobbies are the same, and naturally they all start chatting……

Share a little bit of daily life every day, be more positive energy, most boys like girls with sunshine! You can talk about interesting stories around you, unforgettable stories, stories of childhood and family, your own views on love, favorite cities, places you want to go in the future, ideals and goals… If he responds slowly, don’t be sad! Then do your own thing, and see if he replies in the middle or when you’re done. If you reply, continue chatting. If you don’t reply, just do your own thing and wait for a reply~ You can also share songs and recommend movies often. It is also a good choice to play games together~ Stick to good morning and good night punch cards, over time, you will get used to nagging you a few words every day.

Ambiguous period:

talk about when you like yourself, what do you like about yourself? The first impression of the first meeting? There is no need to say more about this. During the ambiguous period, both of them are determined to develop in the direction of lovers.

Love period:

talk more sweet words, learn the sense of love ritual, and keep love fresh. Hahaha, I feel that I can’t wait to hang on each other for 24 hours during the love period. How can I still have time to chat~ I guess it is more powerful in other places. As long as everyone is not busy, they will chat or send text messages all the time.

The dull period:

At this time, there is nothing to talk about, and it is easy to quarrel. Just busy yourself during the day, chat a few words before going to bed at night. Because they have lost a lot of passion, they all live an ordinary life of chai, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar, and tea, and they chat about trivial matters in ordinary life. But people who love each other can also find light and fun in the ordinary life. Learn to understand communication and heart-to-heart, empathy. Keep the love together~

In the end, it is a kind of happiness to be with the person you like, even if you don’t talk.

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