How to avoid quarrels between couples

Friends in love, cherish it. When the person who loves you the most in this world and the person you love the most are the same person, I will tell you that you are happy.

1. Don't take it seriously when the other party says something cruel to you.

Because experts say that what people say when they are angry is not credible, that is the most ruthless side of people. You can calm down first and wait until the other person finishes speaking. Then, no matter whether he blames you or not, at this time, you must admit that what he said is wrong.

2. No matter how fierce the quarrel is, you must always remember:

the other party is the person you love the most, and you must never say the word “break up”. If you say it, you are torturing the other party, and you are also making trouble with yourself. Because there are many couples who are angry and regret the breakup as soon as they propose it.

3. No matter how bad your mood is, you must smile when you see your lover.

Otherwise, when he (she) feels that you are in a bad mood, he or she will doubt whether he or she has done something wrong. And then their good mood will also get worse.

4. After quarreling with the other party, no matter how fierce you were just now, you should apologize to the other party well.

 If the other person doesn’t agree, keep apologizing until the other person forgives you. In fact, many couples wait anxiously for each other to apologize to them after they have quarreled. In this case, why not put down the willful air, say good things to him (her) in advance, and make up sooner? A brother of mine once said, “You can’t save face when you treat your lover.” Now that I think about it, what my brother said was absolutely true. It is worth mentioning that some couples, after quarreling. For the sake of my own face, I have been refusing to pay attention to the other party, and then I feel uncomfortable and make the other party uncomfortable. There are even some fools who break up with each other just because of this, which is simply stupid.

5. Don't always doubt him or her.

 It is understandable that some people always wonder if the other person has betrayed them. But do not doubt each other frequently. Otherwise, it is really distrust of him (her). By the way, if you don’t want to quarrel with the other person, don’t make him (her) jealous. The other party suspects that you are his (her) fault, and if you make him (her) jealous, it is your fault. Therefore, after you have a wife (male), you should avoid friends of the opposite sex. Otherwise, as long as you are a person, you will be jealous. (If you used to have a very good relationship with a certain boy or girl, but when they find a lover, don’t go back to them, otherwise, someone will call you “shameless” sooner or later)

6. No matter your temper is good or bad, but you have to be good in front of your lover.

 Although many people know why, it is really difficult to do this. It took me a few days to realize that I changed my temper. But think about it carefully, what’s the point of changing your temper for the sake of your lover? People want to live with you. Of course, I’m not just referring to the male compatriots. If the girl has a bad temper, she will also change it. Because of a bad temper, sooner or later you will suffer. Some foolish girls are actually happy because they have a bad temper. They think that they can often let their boyfriends coax them. However, this is a fool’s idea. How many boys in the world who like to coax their girlfriends? They coax you and let you because they love you, and if you keep going like this, your boyfriend is likely to have an affair. If you want to ask why, then I will tell you: because others have a good temper, you have a bad temper. You have suffered a loss… I advise everyone to change their temper, otherwise it will be too late to regret it.

7. When the two sides quarrel, it is common for one party to get angry and leave, and the left party thinks that the one who left is ignoring him, which is wrong.

The one who leaves may be out of anger, and some are temporarily avoiding it so as not to make the other party angry. It was useless to explain anything at that time, and one party’s avoidance was also a good way to ease the conflict. The party who actually went out would reflect, worry, and think about the other party after calming down. If the party you left came back to say good things to you, and you were still angry, then it was your fault. Because they do not get angry is not going to go away.

8. If you often think that your personalities do not match, then you are wrong.

In fact, there are no two people with compatible personalities, only two people with good mentality. I remember my middle school teacher said that when two people quarrel, they are both responsible. No matter who complains, just because two people lose their temper, it means that both are wrong.

Stop digging in the “horns”, go back and have a good cup of tea with the other party and talk about what’s wrong with you. Or send him (her) a text message to tell the other person that he or she loves him or her. Cherish your love and live your life happily. If you’re still angry with your lover, you’re stupid. It’s no big deal, don’t forget, he (she) is the one who loves you the most. As long as you apologize from the bottom of your heart, he will forgive you.

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