How should you treat your partner cheating?

For many people, cheating is a very difficult thing to accept and face. Once cheating occurs, they may experience emotional breakdown, and then prepare to end the relationship immediately. But in my opinion cheating is part of human nature and loyalty is a choice. I’ve seen too many things related to cheating, whether it’s Facebook posts, visitors, or people or things around me, cheating can be said to be commonplace, as common as seeing people fall in love and get married.

Since cheating is so common, once you enter a relationship, you should be prepared to face cheating on you or your partner? It is necessary to communicate and communicate in advance. Simply put, you cannot enter a relationship without discussing infidelity and betrayal. In short, you need to know the person’s attitude and views on cheating.

These questions can be very acute and even a little destructive, but if it is a little difficult to even talk about, how can we face them together?

I put together some lists to see if you guys have discussed:

1. What do you think is cheating?

2. If we are in a relationship and I feel like I like someone very much, but nothing happened to us, what would you do?

3. If I fall in love with a person, and I don’t like him very much, but I just don’t know how to sleep, what will you do?

4. Do you think there are only 0 and countless times of cheating?

5. Do you think the cheating person deserves to be forgiven?

6. If one of us cheats one day, how do we deal with our feelings?

7. Under what circumstances can you be forgiven for cheating, and under what circumstances do you resolutely refuse to back down?

8. If I accidentally cheated and didn’t intend to destroy our relationship, what would you suggest me to do?

9. How do you think we can reduce the possibility of derailment?

All in all, people who are not prepared and prepared for cheating are often the most uncomfortable and sad when their intimate relationship encounters cheating. So, regarding cheating, in my opinion, the communication before the cheating is even more important than the communication after the cheating.

I recommend a book called “Affair, a Forgivable Sin”. This book completely changed my understanding of cheating. In the past, I may have understood the same as traditional people, and felt that cheating was a huge shame and betrayal, but when we have more understanding and view of human nature, maybe you can look at cheating better.

American anthropologist Helen Fisher’s book “Why We Get Married and Why Are We Unfaithful” thoroughly explains why humans, as a superior animal, whether men or women, choose to be unfaithful from the perspective of biology and psychology. After studying infidelity in more than 40 cultures around the world, she is not optimistic about “avoiding infidelity”, and she uses an extremely exaggerated statement to state an almost pessimistic conclusion: “Even if some places will even cut off infidelity people’s heads, but people still do it.”

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