How painful is the girl’s “first night”?

When it comes to the “first” experience, many people may fall into “memory”.

I believe that many people “remember” the age when they had their first sexual relationship, the place where they had the first time, and the one who was the first time.

After all, that’s a sign of your maturity as an “adult”.

Regardless of men and women, before a “relationship” occurs, I believe everyone has heard this sentence – a girl’s “first time” will be very painful.

In this way, many friends will feel very uneasy in their hearts, girls are afraid of “pain” and boys are afraid of girls “speaking of pain”.

Indeed, many girls recalled the first time, and the biggest feeling was that the “world” didn’t know it.

Many boys also said that the first time they felt that the “little brother” was about to catch fire, and suddenly they were “overwhelmed”.

So how painful is it for a girl to have her first time?

01 How could it be so painful the first time?

The hymen is not a “membrane” as many people imagine, but a connective tissue with “holes”. So “going deep” is not the same action as “pinning” a balloon, but the feeling of a chopstick “going deep” into the meat.

There are not too many nerves on the hymen, even if it is not adapted at first, there will be no tearing pain.


The pain that the girl said was actually a cramp in the girl’s vagina.

There are many muscles around the vagina. Because these muscles are too “sensitive”, they will “uncontrollably” contract when they “have sex” for the first time, making it difficult for boys to perform “deep exercise”. At this time, if the boy forcibly performs “deep exercise”, it will cause tearing pain, redness and swelling.

This is why girls wear “pain masks”.

02 How high will the pain level be?

How painful will it be? Classmate Deng, I specifically searched for the grade distribution table of pain level in the medical field. Let’s take a look at it together.

At present, the simplest and most commonly used pain grading method is the NRS numerical grading method, that is, the subjective grading method, which is divided into 0 to 10 pain degree. 0 means no pain, 10 means most pain.

Mild pain on a scale of 1 to 3. Although the pain is tolerable, it is possible to live a normal life.

Grades 4 to 6 are moderate pain. The pain is already obvious, it is difficult to bear, and it affects normal sleep.

Grades 7 to 10 are severe pain that persists for a long time and complete inability to sleep.

Mosquito bites on the back of the hand or feet touching the corner of the table, about 1 to 3; vigorous hitting on the palm, sharp objects stabs the thigh, hand cuts, soft tissue contusions, sprains, etc., about 4 to 7; The most violent contractions during childbirth With production can go to level 7 to 10.

However, the “first time” pain is only about grade 4 soft tissue contusion pain, and it is only for some more sensitive girls, and even some girls do not feel pain.

03 Psychological level of tension pain will be more obvious?

In fact, the first “pain” is mostly caused by the psychological tension of girls.

Normally, girls are relatively nervous “for the first time”. When girls are nervous, the body will start to secrete adrenaline, and the muscles will become tense.

Especially in the vaginal muscles, when girls are too tense, “vaginismus” may occur.

And throughout the process, even after the “intensive exercise” is over, the “vaginal” pain may continue for several days.

Everyone should be clear that “deep exercise” should be a process in which everyone can feel “loved”, but if you find that the other half’s expression is really too painful during the actual operation, don’t rush to continue, just calm down and think Try to make the other half feel “comfortable” as much as possible.

In the matter of “deep movement”, what girls need is to take good care of themselves, express their own thoughts, and clarify their needs. Only when two people solve the “problem” together can they gradually experience sex happiness.

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