How often do you change positions during sex?

Sexual fatigue refers to feeling tired before or during sex and not wanting to continue. In life, more and more couples have this kind of trouble, and sexual fatigue is divided into two types: physical and psychological.

Physiological fatigue mostly occurs in men, because most of the current sexual life is dominated by men, which is why men will feel fatigued after sex.

And psychologically, because of long-term close contact and excessive sexual life, the quality of sexual life is affected.

Or in the process of sexual life, the continuous tension of central nervous cells leads to the inhibition of sexual desire, which reduces the interest and enthusiasm of men and women in sexual life, and then produces boredom.

What should couples do when they experience sexual fatigue?

1. Don’t be too frequent

Some couples get tired of being together all day because of their good relationship, and the frequency of sex life also increases. Some even stipulate that they need to have sex several times a week, as if they have set tasks for each other.

But I don’t know that sex life is about high quality rather than frequency. If you are too demanding, it will cause your body to not enjoy the pleasure in the case of fatigue, and you will lose interest after a long time.

2. Learn to create some romance

The main reason for the decline in the relationship between husband and wife, the influence of freshness, and the lack of interest in sex life is too numbness and no sense of expectation.

If you can create more romance in peacetime, and create a different enjoyment to increase the atmosphere every time you have sex, you can quickly arouse each other’s sexual desire, thereby improving the quality of sexual life and relieving sexual fatigue.

3. Change the way

Not only sex life can enhance each other’s feelings, in peacetime, you can also show care and love for your partner through caress, love words, etc., if you feel tired of sex life,

Might as well change the way to make each other relive the old relationship, recall the beauty of falling in love, and come to a movie are all good choices.

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