How much do boys like “female UP”?

Sometimes you will see some boys like “female UP”, but some girls don’t like it that much.

In fact, this question of both men and women mostly appears in everyone’s mind.

01 Why use the "female UP" action?

1. Extend the intercourse time

Because boys need a lot of physical strength to have sex, some boys are easy to disarm when they are tired. However, the “female UP” posture does not require the boys to exert much force. If they need to lie down, it is enough to control themselves not to “disarm” too quickly.

2. Girls gain dominance

“Female UP” is the most liberating action for girls. Whether it is rhythm or speed, you can let yourself dominate. Get up fast if you want, go slow if you want

3. Boys can free their hands

“Female UP” allows boys to free their hands to touch girls’ “allergic” parts, so that they can continuously deepen their feelings and increase their “feelings”.

4. Boys can enjoy more

“Female UP” can make the person below have a stronger visual experience, because no matter the expression of the girl or the BODY, it can be “unobstructed”.

02 What parts should girls use for strength?

1. Learn to use the hips and hips

Twist the hips and hips, use the position of the hips to exert force, and slowly swing back and forth, left and right. Specifically, the “W word” or “M word” is used to draw the buttocks. At this time, the flexibility of the girl will be tested.

2. Push the crotch forward

You can also choose how to keep the waist still and let the crotch exert force, just like “riding a horse”. If you don’t understand, you don’t need to worry. When you have nothing to do with your daily life, you can twist the straddle, which not only relieves the fatigue of the body, but also deepens the “riding” and exercises the muscles by the way.

3. Use the force of the legs to squat up and down

If you take a “squat” posture, you must control the balance and the point of force, focusing on the force of the legs. This method is to test the physical strength of girls. Therefore, at this time, it is necessary for boys to lift, and they can use their legs to support the girls’ waists with their hands.

You can do more aerobic exercise and do more squats in your daily life. After squatting for a long time, not only will the “riding” be improved, but the buttocks will also become warped, and people can also lose weight.

03 How high can a female UP make a boy?

1. Make boys relax

Boys also like to let girls lead everything about “hehehe”, which also reduces worrying about whether she enjoys the process.

2. Boys like girls who pay for his satisfaction

In the traditional “posture”, boys need to exert all their strength, so that two people can experience the benefits of intercourse. But when using the “female UP” position, the boy can enjoy the action that the girl is working hard for his happiness.

3. Boys can hug girls

In the eyes of boys, girls’ “peach buttocks” are very charming and sexy. So when using the “female UP” position, boys can use their hands to caress and appreciate.

4. Boys can also control the rhythm

Although “female UP” is dominated by girls, boys can also use their hands to control the direction and speed of movement.

Unlocking the “female UP” can not only increase the intimacy of two people, prolong the intercourse time, but also master the rhythm.

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