How long does it take to have sex with your boyfriend?

Generally speaking, the time for normal intercourse between men and women is 5-15 minutes.

1. If the intercourse time is too short, it may be caused by staying up late for a long time, fatigue, or sexual dysfunction.

2. If the intercourse time is moderate, usually 5-15 minutes, it is best to have no fatigue between husband and wife, which is not only beneficial to the body, but also can increase the relationship between husband and wife.

3. Intercourse time is not as long as possible, because sexual life is very physically consuming, especially for men’s physical strength, the longer the time, the greater the consumption of men’s physical strength.

If a man does not come out for a long time, he may get a disease!

In life, some men do not deliberately extend the time, but they still do not come out for a long time. Surprisingly, this condition is most likely related to a condition known as non-ejaculation (AE for short). AE mainly refers to the normal excitement and erection during sexual intercourse, but the “experience” is not achieved for a long time and the essence cannot be discharged (more than 45 minutes), which is clinically called ejaculation disorder.

To sum up, in order to create a better intercourse time, couples need to communicate more, find a time point that is acceptable to each other, and strive to have a sense of happiness in intercourse.

Does increasing the frequency of sex increase a woman's pregnancy rate?

Whether the pregnancy can be successful is determined by the physical conditions of both spouses, such as whether the woman is ovulating, whether there is a gynecological disease, etc., whether the man has premature ejaculation, ejaculation disorder, prostate disease, etc. These factors will affect conception. It’s not as simple as increasing the frequency of sex to increase a woman’s pregnancy rate. Only by taking the right steps can you increase your chances of conceiving.

Can alcoholism increase the beauty of sex?

Many men and women like to drink a little wine before having sex, they think it can improve sexual desire and enhance sexual pleasure. In fact, alcoholism is not only prone to problems such as impotence, testicular atrophy, and ejaculation disorders in men, but also premature ovarian failure and early menopause in women. But over time, the adaptability and sensitivity of sexual organ function will decrease, and they will lose interest in each other.

Finally, each couple’s physical condition, health status, environment and sexual habits are different, so it is difficult to give an accurate standard for how long to have sex. So how to grasp the best time? In my opinion, the most appropriate time limit is one that allows both parties to be satisfied and to exchange feelings without feeling exhausted and damaging to health… Take care of yourself!

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