How does it feel when you love the right person?

Someone once said: “The lumberjack once said that when a tree falls, there should be no people beside it, it is safer, and the same is true between people, a proper distance will protect both sides, and it will not hurt him (her) and not easily. You. For the sake of each other’s beauty, tell us to keep a certain distance.”

This makes sense, but if two people are together and they are familiar with each other, how can it be possible to maintain a certain distance? Personally, I feel that two people are together and it feels very important. I feel that the other person is someone my whole life.

If your love feels awkward and has nothing to say for a while, it’s because you’re embarrassed yourself, and you don’t see other people’s couples embarrassed, it’s because they overcome this embarrassing state.

In other words, they think that there is no embarrassment in love, but you feel embarrassed yourself. When two people are together, they can call it love if they feel this way.

01, can resonate

When two people are together, resonance is very important. Just like the three views between each other, they must be consistent to create a sweet love. I understand your mood, and you also understand my feelings. When you say something, I just Listen silently without interrupting.

What are the two quarreling about? It is because of interruptions. When interrupting a person’s speech, that person will be angry, let alone the resonance after listening.

After quarreling, both of them feel that the other party will not leave on their own initiative. It is because of good face and good self-esteem that this will lead to these, so you have to learn to resonate with each other’s emotions and inner feelings.

02, can pay for each other

What is happiness is to see other people happy, and you are also happy. The ultimate beautiful result of love is happiness, so if you want to make the other person happy, you need to pay.

Love is not equal, and your efforts are likely to be in vain, so love itself is a gamble. Many people gamble wrong, and it will be a lifetime.

At that time, a woman asked me how much I could love someone, and I said I got a seven and she got a three. Then I asked her back, what about you, she said it was her bottom line.

I knew that she was an affectionate woman, and anyone who met her would definitely be happy because she was willing to pay for that man.

03. Know how to coax each other

This is an easy mistake for most men to make. When a woman is angry, you don’t know how to coax her.

For example, if a woman thinks that you are wrong and keeps sulking, ordinary men will say, don’t be angry, am I wrong? This is obviously perfunctory, and it sounds weird to me.

First of all, the first sentence, am I wrong?

There are two mistakes in this sentence, I am wrong, so where are you wrong? do you know? In fact, you don’t even know where you are going wrong.

Is it okay next? It sounds like a woman has wronged you.

And don’t be angry, how can a woman not be angry? So all you have to do is say your mistake and say you won’t make it again, that’s it.

Some men don’t know how to coax you, so you can say this, I don’t know how to coax you now, but I really want to coax you and ask you to forgive me.

It’s okay, show your sincerity to women.

04. When your partner is bullied, you should react with anger

This is a very simple truth. When the person you love is hurt, you have to react. You have to be angry and want to tear up the person who bullied your lover. This is a normal human reaction.

Even if you don’t know how to express it, simply express your angry reaction to the other person, and the other person will feel your love.

When two people are together, they still feel important. Some people have been with each other for several years, and there is no spark, but some people feel that love is in place after only a few minutes of acquaintance.

Before falling in love or after falling in love, you have to know how you feel about the other person, and then express it.

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