How do you feel about premarital sex and cohabitation?

I think both are necessary.

From the emotional point of view, when the love is strong, the body naturally can't help but feel agitated.

Although women’s physiological needs are generally not as strong as men’s, their bodies will also respond, but they may not reach the “burning” feeling of men.

If you are a girl, please don’t kidnap yourself with “chastity”, just naturally respect your physical and emotional needs. Don’t think that the first night is “dedicated” to your boyfriend. He takes advantage of you.

In fact, the two of you created your first night together. This is a kind of shared enjoyment. Another point I want to say is that even if he is your boyfriend and someone who can have sex, don’t make love that you don’t want to do to please the other party. If you don’t want to do it, then reject it. Be tough.

If you’re a guy, you can do happy things by taking good security measures with the consent of your partner.

As a responsible partner, never let your girlfriend take emergency contraceptives because you don’t take measures. Please understand the dangers of this medicine by yourself. If you want to take short-term contraceptives, you should take the responsibility of reminding girls to take the pills every day.

However, medicine cannot prevent sexually transmitted diseases. Don’t think that you are clean. The bacterial tolerance of men and women is different. The bacteria that are harmless to you on you spread to girls, and it is easy for her to get gynecological inflammation or even hpv.

So, wear a condom seriously. One last thing to say is, don’t threaten your girlfriend with sex. For example, if you don’t want to have sex, just break up (you have only been together for a month); for example, if your girlfriend does something wrong, let her coax you, and obey you if you don’t want to have sex.

Regarding sex life, both parties must abide by the principles of equality, free will and respect.

In terms of marital stability, premarital sex and cohabitation can exclude people who are not suitable for marriage.

Although I have never been married, I have seen many cases on the Internet that the disharmony in the sexual life of some couples after marriage has become an important factor affecting the relationship between husband and wife. An intractable contradiction.

If there is cohabitation before marriage, you can find out these inappropriateness as soon as possible, and then decide whether to get married or not. Cohabitation is equivalent to a “cooling-off period before marriage”, which can expose the contradictions that occur when they really get along day and night.

But it’s not a panacea. Some scumbags will still disguise themselves well during cohabitation, but they will be completely different after marriage.

By the way, in order to protect the health of both parties, a corresponding physical examination should also be done before cohabitation.

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