How do sex product reviewers evaluate sex toys (like vibrators, sex toys)?

We not only experience the product, but also evaluate the product, and more importantly, the quality inspection of the product material. Because our experiencer has tried so many products, we pay more attention to the safety of use.

Let’s introduce the whole steps of our experience division:

1, The product appearance packaging and an unpacking experience (you need to check the QR code on the packaging, the anti-counterfeiting code, the certificate of conformity, whether it is plastic-sealed or not, and it will not be evaluated if it is not plastic-sealed.) And whether it is new and clean after opening, this is only The most basic check.

2, The evaluation of the appearance, choose a better and higher-value product at the same price.

3, The softness of the material (the softness of the material will affect the feeling of use),
Using a hardness tester, the smaller the value, the better the softness.

4, Functional evaluation (the focus is on functional experience).

5, Charging performance, fully charged, use time evaluation, charging safety evaluation.

6, The sound evaluation.

7, Quality assessment.

8, The inspection report on the material (this is the national inspection report on the product).

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