How do men in prison meet their sexual needs?

1. Self-sufficiency

Prison rules are very strict
Even if you go to the toilet, you have to be accompanied by someone
Prevent violations of discipline, escape and suicide
However, under such strict control
The prisoners still rely on their hard-working hands
Achieve your own sexual happiness! ! !

That’s right
just jerking off
It is worth mentioning that
Many men are self-taught in this regard
The method is also slowly becoming consummate
But the prison is full of cameras
Where is the best place to masturbate?

Find a place to jerk off in prison
The toilet is absolutely holy
As long as you have a good relationship with your inmates
have fun
No one will tip off the guards.
After all… why do men make it difficult for men?
If the toilet is a holy place for prisoners to masturbate
That prison hospital is a heavenly existence
The ward usually has 8 beds
spacious and bright
The ward at night is especially beautiful, but the lights are turned off soon

The sound of metal rubbing from the rocking bed
Soft gasps from every bed
will be ensemble together
The scene of mass masturbation is unprecedented
Because this is the only place in the entire prison where legal jerking is allowed

2. Homosexuality

gay first

Not only are there a large number of homosexuals in today’s society

gays in prison

Maybe this is the so-called fate…

Once the two gay prisoners have established diplomatic relations

will establish a good relationship

Live a happy prison life

Next is “rape”

you heard right

There is a saying “men should be men”

is used to describe these people.

Especially the little fresh meat with fair skin and good looks

As soon as you enter prison, you will be targeted by gays!

Once it is determined that he has no background and connections
The back court is definitely going to suffer.
It’s an unimaginable picture, vomit…

3. Humanitarian care

an upright man
Sex is of course a passionate interaction with a woman
So under humanitarian care
Prisons in some countries have spawned the wonderful place “gunhouse”
For inmates and their wives to have sex
A psychologist who supports the gun room proposal argues:
Same-sex attraction can lead to a person’s physical and psychological yin-yang imbalance
It’s not always the right way to vent
Talk on the phone through the glass
Can’t relieve the pain of Acacia
Can’t see it, can’t touch it
easy to regret

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