How do girls overcome the pain of having sex for the first time?

The first time a girl is afraid of pain, fear of pain is essentially a fear. Excessive sexual fear will cause vaginismus!

Because you are afraid of causing physical harm for the first time, you may not know what harm will be caused, so there will be fear of the unknown.

Girls feel very painful for the first time before they do it, so there will be a strange phenomenon:

Before the boy entered, or even touched her, she began to cry in pain!

The problem lies in her sexual cognition and concept:

She doesn’t know the exact location of her passage, and she hasn’t seen it and rarely touches it.
She thinks the hymen is very thick, and the first time I read the description on the Internet, it was super painful
She is obsessed with cleanliness, and she resists others touching her private parts.
She has experienced molestation, abuse and other incidents, and instinctively resists being touched by others
She has had bad traumatic experiences
She has seen or experienced very negative things about sex, thinks sex is sinful, dirty, disgusting
She is a highly sensitive group, born to be afraid of pain, easily nervous and fearful
She has inflammation problems, the skin and mucous membranes feel too sensitive, and the sex life is easy to hurt

Of course, there are other factors that can also affect the first pain problem, such as:

Boyfriend is too big, 18cm+
My cn film is indeed thicker and tougher
Malformation or tumor inside the channel
Emotional conflict between men and women, instinctual resistance
Boys are too rude, not enough foreplay, not enough lubrication

Excessive fear of the first pain will cause involuntary spastic contraction of the vagina, which may be a very important reason for the inability to enter!

So, how to solve the problem that girls are afraid of pain for the first time?

1. Boys should encourage her and comfort her instead of misleading her that the hole is too small.

2. Girls should understand their body structure clearly and avoid falling into unknown fear.

3.A safe environment, familiar music, gentleness, slowness, and full respect for girls, use of condoms and lubricants, and adequate foreplay, so that girls can fully relax and enjoy it, instead of focusing on worry and fear.

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