How do girls feel with and without condoms

Feeling uncomfortable wearing a condom? But what should I do if I’m afraid of getting pregnant?

In fact, everyone’s views on wearing condoms are basically the same, that is: wearing condoms does affect the experience of “deep exercise”.

Do girls like wearing condoms too?

01 How do girls feel with and without condoms?

Physiologically, the biggest impact of condoms is the perception of temperature and humidity.

The condom really affects the feeling, not so much to reduce the sense of contact, but to affect the “little brother”‘s real sense of body sensation!


From the point of view of girls, and the impact is even greater:

The biggest problem is that the “little brother” is a clean-cut organ.

Its proportion, shape, especially the touch of the edge of the “mushroom head” to girls is very important.

But after wearing a condom, these characteristics are rapidly weakened, and the stimulation of direct contact decreases linearly.

02 Why do some girls dislike wearing condoms?

According to statistics of the number of people who do not like condoms, boys still occupy the vast majority, while only a small number of girls do not like wearing TT.

Objectively speaking, condoms have an impact on comfort, so what are the reasons for not wearing them?

1. Allergy to rubber material:

In the past, because most of the condoms were made of rubber, there were lubricants with various components on some TTs.

When these chemicals come into contact with human skin, some people will experience allergic symptoms.

2. Wear a condom only when standing upright:

When some people wear condoms, they can only wear them when the “little brother” is established, and at this time, if they are dichotomous, they can find condoms and wear condoms.

At this time, boys are very likely to “lower their heads” at this time, which is very “injurious to self-esteem”, so they are even more reluctant to wear condoms.


3. There is a sense of separation:

Some people describe wearing condoms as “scratching the itch across the boot” or “taking a bath with clothes on”.

Because I can’t feel the body temperature of the girls, and I can’t touch the “body fluids” secreted by the girls, the psychological feeling is very hit.

4, easy to dry:

After wearing a condom, if you don’t do a good job of lubricating it, it is easy to dry out when you go deep, causing “pain” when you go deep.

03 Fancy wearing a condom Dafa?

The choice of condom is important, first of all to choose a good type, and then choose the right size.

Novice friends, you can add a little bit of sentiment, so that wearing condoms is not so formulaic.

Coupled with seductive movements, the partner’s interest will be aroused, and then they will jump on the bed together.


Or in the pre-show, put the condom on the body, and when the other half kisses this part, they find the condom secretly hidden.

At this time, you can put on the condom naturally, without disturbing the rhythm of the pre-show, and you can take safety measures.

Another convenience is not to be idle, you can touch your partner’s cheeks and hair, these small actions will quickly heat up the desire between the two people.

If you feel “dry”, remember to replenish the “lubricant” in time. Although the experience of wearing TT is not the best, but it is the safest, it can avoid the invasion of more diseases, and it can also effectively contracept.

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