How do college students take care of their sexual needs in the dormitory?

Lol, I have to say, this question is probably the common voice of many boys! It goes without saying that boys’ desires are stronger than girls’ desires. But fighting in the dormitory, he is a little immoral~ In case someone bumps into it, how do you want your classmates to deal with themselves?

Or do you want to say: “Hey, buddy, do you want to have a shot, let’s go together~”

Or maybe you want to say: “Go, I’ve never seen anyone masturbating, what are you looking at?”

Or do you want to say, “Why, what are you looking at, have you ever seen a penis as big as mine?

“Lol, I want to say, no matter what you say, it can’t change the reality that you are softened in an instant, right???

But what if you really want to, and can’t help it? I suggest that you can buy a sex toy, the kind that can help you release ~ I’m not talking about the traditional design of the aircraft cup, I’m talking about intelligent and automated small toys. This toy can at least help you avoid embarrassment, and it is also small and easy to carry, which can be solved in the dormitory and the bathroom.

Lol, because I once gave one to my boyfriend. Because it is a long-distance relationship, it is difficult to maintain a stable relationship without using these small toys; the so-called love over time, the meaning of toys is here. At that time, we would give each other small toys, in order to find a way to free our hands and find another feeling of touching.

Why do you say that? Because the toys we collected are all intelligent, APP controllable, remote controllable, and the signal is the strongest in all toy categories~ I have to say, the mute function of these little guys is really Well done, the vibration is barely audible, so even if you are in the dormitory, you don’t have to worry about being discovered, and you don’t have to worry about being too embarrassed~ Of course, I still think it’s best to hold back, after all, in case of being discovered, It’s still very embarrassing; however, I don’t know how the boys get along with each other. When I was in college, there was someone masturbating in the girls’ dormitory, and we both knew it; Maybe it’s because they think these things are too normal, it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t say it; and girls’ masturbation is also very subtle, which should be very different from boys’ masturbation, right?

So, how to do it depends on your own choices. If you can’t satisfy your desire, then go ahead and meet it. Anyway, sooner or later, I will be separated from my roommate~

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