How do boys and girls prepare for sex for the first time?

Communication is the first.

Before preparing for the first time, boys should express their desire to have sex for the first time! For example, when two people are kissing and hugging naturally, the boy can whisper in the girl’s ear “I want you” ”, or by testing the attitude of girls when traveling together.

Of course, if you can, communicating your attitude towards premarital sex is also an option. Boys express their thoughts in a way that they think is good, of course, in a safe and private situation. In the process of expressing, boys should be prepared to be explicitly rejected, or girls will not give an answer. If the girl agrees or acquiesces to the request, the following preparations can begin.

Boys should prepare:

1. Understand the basic knowledge

Before making love, both parties must learn some basic sexual knowledge, understand the structure and physiological characteristics of male and female sexual organs, so as to avoid making some jokes such as mistakenly treating the female urethra as a vagina.

2. Buy condoms

If both parties do not want to have children immediately and do not take contraceptive pills, both parties have concerns, and the woman is more afraid of pregnancy, so she cannot concentrate highly, and sex will be affected. If the woman takes contraceptive pills in time, or the man wears condoms, it is convenient for both parties to have no worries and focus, and the sex will achieve satisfactory results.

3. Choose the right place

The environment should be clean and hygienic. This is not to say that you have to stay in a five-star hotel room for the first time, but at least choose a hotel or hotel that is relatively safe and clean. If the room area is larger and the environment is better, of course it is more ideal. Try not to find a small hotel with dozens of dollars on the street. This will not only make girls feel that you don’t care enough, but may also increase the risk of infection or other diseases.

After all, it is the first time to have sex. Choosing a relatively comfortable, warm and clean environment is a kind of respect for each other. Maybe the girl herself has decided to have sex with the boy, but the boy chose a very unbearable place to let the girl Mood will be depressed. And girls will also have concerns in their hearts: “Why are you doing this at such an important moment, there is no sincerity at all”.

So I hope everyone will pay attention to the choice of the environment at the first time, and try their best to give each other a relatively superior space under the conditions of their ability.

Girls should prepare:

1. Put your mind at ease

For the first time, a girl was both afraid and nervous, both psychologically and mentally under pressure. Mainly because it was inexperienced for the first time, and it was very painful, so I started to be scared psychologically. So girls should keep their minds relaxed.

2. Work closely with your boy

At the beginning of sexual intercourse, both parties will feel shy, especially the woman is more obvious, the psychological state is more complicated, and the spirit is a little nervous. You have to let the man move gently, and if it fails at one time, you can try several times. Girls should also take the initiative to cooperate, overcome tension and fear of curtains, relax their minds actively, arouse sexual excitement quickly, and have more clitoral secretions, which are moist and lubricated enough to reduce the pain during sex and the pain caused by the rupture of the hymen. .

3. Treat premature ejaculation correctly

When having sex for the first time, the man may fail to have sex due to premature ejaculation due to lack of sexual knowledge or excessive excitement. You should forgive this situation. This is not premature ejaculation. With the growth of sexual knowledge and the accumulation of sexual experience, the two sides will cooperate tacitly and will soon return to normal.

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