How did sex become taboo?

You can quote the story of Adam and Eve stealing the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden in the Bible. The Bible says that the tree is the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and that fruit is the fruit of right and wrong. shame. You know, before that, they didn’t know what shame was, and it was natural for men and women to get along with nakedness like babies. I think this story in the Bible is a metaphor, and the beginning of human society starts from here: no longer with all things, there is the concept of “I”, which is the beginning of “ego”, and with “ego” there are various “Concepts” are created by human society, and these “concepts” include the norms of sexuality.

On the other hand, after the formation of human society, the vast majority of people have never experienced a “trough orgasm” similar to what the Osho school said in their lives, and they may still have some lustful thoughts until they die. Once the thing of sex starts, it has its own potential and possibility. If this possibility is not completed, just at the level of biological instinct, we will feel that “something is missing”. That is to say, everyone has never really eaten enough in this area, and their sexual desire is eager to move in the depths of their consciousness, so when they come into contact with this information, they are provoked a strange feeling.

Instead of admitting that suppressed sexual desires have accumulated in his subconscious, he had no choice but to perform an externalized projection of evil to shirk the responsibility: saying that the other party was evil and inciting me to have evil thoughts. . . So the taboo of sex is formed. As soon as the thing of sex is mentioned, most people will think that it is advocating fornication.

The physical attraction between men and women, the pursuit of beauty. . . It is generally believed that this is driven by sexual drives, but what lies behind it is far more complex than this perception. It can be said that the pleasure of sex, the pleasure of drug use, the joy of meditation, and even the “mind-reaching state” in Zhuangzi’s mental method, these four pleasures have a common feature from a certain dimension. It is “no sense of time, no sense of self”,

It is this kind of extreme happiness that has made countless sentient beings in human history flock to and enjoy it, not only in “this life”, but even your past and future lives are drawn by sexual desire.

Anyone who has had sex experience has experienced more or less that “two people’s ears and temples blend together like glue. The time to have sex with the person you like goes by so fast! It seems that it is only 20 minutes, but a few hours have passed!”. . Such a feeling, when you have such a feeling, you are actually forming an energy field with a healing effect with the other party.

Of course, good sex is rare nowadays. Even formal lovers may accumulate a lot of emotional pressure because of their usual relationship. It is difficult to get close to each other physically (in extreme cases, even a sexless marriage can be formed)

It is easy to get “no sense of time, no sense of self” by means of drug use, but this method of forcibly switching the sympathetic nerve to the parasympathetic nerve is only excited at that time and does not really have the effect of nourishing the heart. Instead, it empties the bone marrow type of overdraft.

So this kind of extreme happiness can be said to be very rare, and the knowledge involved in this topic is actually very wide, so just write wherever you want.

First of all, the first way to obtain happiness through sex. In this regard, human hymns and artistic creations about love are put on hold first, regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of the marriage system in modern society, and the disputes over male and female rights. Just talk about the pleasure of sex

It can be guessed but definitely said that 90% of people’s sexual life in today’s society is opened in the wrong way, because today’s human society is a left-brain-dominated society, and most people live their lives dominated by sympathetic nerves, even The ancient Chinese books on room surgery are divided into two categories: one is written by left-brain-dominated authors, and the other is written by right-brained or parasympathetic-dominant people.

The sexual behavior that really has a nourishing and nourishing effect on people is parasympathetic-dominated, which means that two people who really like each other can get great satisfaction even if they just hug and kiss each other, and can activate the human immune system. Nourishes the mind. . .

Of course, sympathetic-dominant sexual behavior does not mean that there is no orgasm and pleasure. If it extends to the level of SM, it can be said that people’s orgasm threshold is increased and the pleasure is intensified.

It’s just that this kind of pleasure is more likely to be twisted into a vicious circle of “excited as much as possible” like drug use (in fact, SM sexism can also be divided into two categories: “stimulated through the relationship structure of authoritative roles and completely obeying the role”. The sympathetic nerve achieves an aphrodisiac effect” and “Break through self-shame to the limit by being humiliated, the parasympathetic will open up and have a healing effect”)

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