How can women make their hips fitter?

Women’s buttocks are very fit when they are around 20 years old. The shape of the buttocks looks like an apple from the back. This kind of buttocks is the most beautiful. It will feel very bouncy when you touch it with your hands. Many people like girls. The high elasticity of the butt, I can’t forget the feeling of bouncing, but when a woman is around 30 years old, especially after giving birth to a child, her buttocks are not so upturned and the shape is not so good-looking, and the whole buttocks sag. Yes, sagging hips are a problem encountered by many women, and there is no such feeling of bouncing hands when touching them with hands, and they just feel loose and exaggerated. How can I keep a woman’s buttocks in good shape and feel bouncy?

First of all, as a woman, you should strengthen physical exercise. Appropriate amount of physical exercise helps to shape women’s body shape, especially yoga exercise, which can enhance the flexibility and coordination of women’s body, maintain a healthy body shape, and of course the buttocks will become moderate in size and upturned.

Secondly, as a woman, you must consciously strengthen the exercise of the buttocks. If you want to have healthy and beautiful buttocks, you must practice hip health exercises regularly. I think this set of health exercises is a must for women. If you keep practicing every day, your butt will not sag and deform, so as to maintain a good-looking butt. Shaped, upturned bouncy buttocks.

The third is to strengthen the health care of the buttocks. The buttocks of the human body actually need health care. This health care can be regular massage to promote the blood circulation of the buttocks. The blood circulation of the buttocks is good, and the buttocks are hot when touched with hands. In addition, it is necessary to ensure normal bowel movements and no constipation, so as to ensure that the anus is normal and disease-free, pay attention to the hygiene of the anus and its surroundings, and keep the buttocks clean and dry, which is also very important for women. In addition, as a woman, you must ensure that the sexual organs are clean and sterile, and also keep them dry. When the female sexual organs are clean, the anus is clean, the anus is clean, and the whole buttocks are clean. There is another thing that female friends should pay attention to about the health care of the butt, that is, do not engage in anal sex, anal sex is somewhat harmful to the anus, if you must have anal sex, you must do a good job of lubrication, the man should not use too much force during anal sex. Enough is enough, with the principle of not harming the female anus.

Finally, be careful not to sit and stand for long periods of time. If you sit for a long time, the buttocks will be flattened, and it will not look so round; if you stand for a long time, the buttocks will sag due to the action of the human body’s gravity, so you can’t do that. You can choose pantyhose with a hip-lifting function or a shaping effect, which can also play a certain role.

The above are some of the health care methods and precautions for women’s buttocks that I know. I hope they can be helpful to the majority of female friends. I wish all female friends can have plump, round, upturned buttocks.

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