How can he still masturbate at this age?

A 2012 study by the University of Adelaide found that many men’s testosterone decline was actually due to health factors such as depression, weight gain or quitting smoking, rather than age. The real truth is that basically as long as you’re physically active and don’t have any major injuries or physical and mental disabilities, your libido will stabilize with age.

When asked, “How often do you masturbate“, almost all men, single or not, said that masturbation is a normal part of their lives. The pleasure men get from masturbation is rather lonely, it’s a sexual art of fantasy.

Every man has a different attitude towards masturbation. In the book “Heidi’s Sexuality Report: Men”, I like this boy’s view on masturbation:

I think every man’s first love is his own penis, and you start playing with it when you’re a little boy, and learn to hold it and squeeze it in whatever way is most pleasurable. There’s no one in your life who can provoke your own sexuality more than you. Of course I love having sex with women, but masturbating while fantasizing is infinitely creative. You can experience it at your own pace, without having to cooperate with your partner, you can do a solo dance in front of the mirror whenever you want.

Indiana University has investigated the art and found that masturbation is at its peak between the ages of 18 and 29. However, I am skeptical of the survey data, most of the survey data on privacy and sexuality, most of them are inaccurate.

Using words to describe the inner feelings of intimate relationships, and then to describe the sexual details, is itself a provocation of women’s thinking habits to men. In the past men’s culture, there has always been a very strong mechanism to resist this kind of “intimacy discourse”. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a rough development, but it doesn’t matter if you have delicate emotions about intimacy, you will be labeled as a “girlfriend”. For most men, this kind of research is definitely a “Game of Thrones” “.

Going back to the research itself, why does this time-honored hobby become less frequent after the age of 30?

Some people analyze that with age, men’s testosterone will gradually deplete, slowing down our libido. Some people say that as a middle-aged person with a lot of stress in life, he has no time and freedom to release it. What’s more, “there are only 1,000 orgasms in life, you can’t use it in the wrong place.” We often make jokes about this sentence:

Today we want to say to the boys: It’s all wrong! Masturbation isn’t the gas gauge in your car, it’s just the mileage, so there’s no need to slow down.

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