How can a man increase the hardness of his penis?

First, men have to accept the fact that you can’t control the erection of your penis any more than you can control the beating of your heart. When you accept this fact and don’t try to manipulate the penis, you will have better erections and thus better hardness.

The male penis gets erection when it receives external stimuli such as friction, or endogenous stimuli such as sexual fantasies (physical health), or its own conditioned reflexes such as “morning erection” and “night erection”.

Whether “morning erection” or “night erection” is an important symbol of men’s physical and mental health, and is also an important basis for the diagnosis of erectile dysfunction in men today. And these erections may be your unconscious “God operation”.

A man cannot order his brother to say Shi Geng or not to stand up.

A man accepts this incompetent understanding: whatever you want to control is only when you control you, so that you can give up control enough in sex and love and let your penis play freely.

Only when he can play freely can he have a better hardness, and it will also make you a more mature man mentally.

Some men should be the hardest at a young age, but they have always had an obsession to control their penis, but in the end there is always no way to achieve the ideal hardness.

Secondly, a man wants his penis to be harder, more because of daily living habits.

1. Your hardness is an important indicator of your physical and mental health, take care of your body.

Regular exercise is the best way to nourish the body. You don’t have to be obsessed with swimming, squats, or yoga. After you have been exercising for three months, you can feel the change in your entire state.

Exercise and fitness should be standard in modern life.

I didn’t go to the gym for a while, and now I realize that my life is completely dominated by myself. Is it difficult to take 30 minutes of exercise every day?

Isn’t the body the most important thing to us?

2. Mental state greatly affects hardness!

Men’s erection is a comprehensive reflection of a series of neurovascular, which is closely related to their own psychological state. In addition to giving up the control of erection in bed that we emphasized in the first article, men’s response to stress in daily life is also important. Affects male erection.

That is to say, if a man has recently undergone major financial changes, such as a salary cut; interpersonal tension, or is in a state of anxiety and depression, then the man’s hardness will decrease significantly.

Only when a man is relaxed and the pressures and burdens in life can be put down, can he have good hardness.

How to do it?

My advice to men is to follow the life principle of not reciting the past, not welcoming the future, not messing with the present, and living in the present.

At the same time, you can train yourself to stick to mindfulness meditation to help yourself cope with the rhythm and stress of high-intensity modern life.

I know that men are men, so I can resist this fucking society by strengthening my mind and body.

Finally, a man wants to be a little harder in bed, in addition to the man’s own efforts, the support and sexual stimulation that the woman gives is also important.

A man, a seemingly powerful creature, is very fragile inside. If someone says he is soft or not, he will want to prove it to others every minute, I can do it.

In fact, a man has no control over the hard issue. Instead, a woman who provides support and encouragement will allow the man to release himself in a relaxed environment.

In addition, the intensity of sexual stimulation in men can also affect the hardness of erections. Some women actively give men’s penis sexual stimulation in bed, such as caressing with their hands and rubbing their bodies;

There are also some women who will tease men’s desire to conquer, will give positive feedback and interaction, make men unable to stop, and will also increase the hardness of men in sex, and all this will ultimately benefit women themselves.

In fact, if a man is harder or harder, it is just a physiological phenomenon in which a large amount of blood is pumped into the corpus cavernosum, the arteries are closed, and the venous blood cannot return.

This series of reactions first requires you to have a good physical and mental state, and then requires the right time, place and people from the outside world.

Well, dear men, don’t blindly think that what you eat can make you hard as iron, but to sort out your life, take good care of your body, mind, and have a good intimate partner.

Or from another perspective, what can affect a man’s hardness, such as smoking? Then trust me, quitting smoking can definitely make you tougher!

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