How attractive can erotic lingerie be?

Have you ever worn erotic lingerie, or bought erotic lingerie for your loved one?

If both sides want to add a little freshness, the quickest and easiest way is to get a set of attack speed jerseys.

Several Misunderstandings of Erotic Lingerie

Only skinny people can wear it?
“I’m not satisfied with my figure, would it be ugly to wear erotic lingerie.”

Some women don’t want to wear sexy lingerie, but because they are not confident in themselves. Sexy underwear will show a higher degree of skin exposure. Women think that this is a flirting tool for thin people, but in fact, plump women may wear them. Will look more sexy~

After all, the beauty of being thin is beautiful, the beauty of being fat is fat, and the concept of restricting women such as body anxiety should be thrown aside!

No one will reject a confident and assertive woman, wearing a shirt, exuding the most beautiful charm of the old lady. Wear beautiful erotic lingerie to show your loved one, even if you don’t have a devil figure, he will still be fascinated by you.

Only women can wear it?

There are also men’s erotic lingerie, small leather jackets, thongs, collars…

As you can imagine, you can get it on the almighty treasure. Who said that only women can play kittens, and men can occasionally cosplay with various characters.

Sometimes it is the cold doctor brother wearing a white coat, and sometimes it is the cute and coquettish animal ear brother; men should not stick to a certain style, sexy underwear will make you find different fun, and it will also make her sexually high. oh~

Erotic lingerie = vulgar?

Have you seen the Victoria’s Secret show? The thongs, stockings, and see-through bras worn by the Victoria’s Secret Angels are called high-end erotic lingerie, right?

But in the eyes of outsiders, it is not vulgar at all, every piece can outline the extreme sexy of a woman, and I feel that it is beautiful in addition to being beautiful.

How to choose the erotic underwear that suits you

When you open an orange software enthusiastically and search for erotic underwear, the homepage is likely to see three-point designs with hot eyes, hollow meshes and see-through fabrics with strange colors.

It was so embarrassing that it was so embarrassing that I used my toes to dig the ground. There was basically no aesthetic feeling in wearing it, and only a capital letter was left.

In the current concept, erotic underwear is still a disposable product, so it may be inclined to choose cheaper ones, and even cause skin allergies.

In fact, if you choose the right erotic underwear, you can reuse it like everyday clothes~

Common erotic underwear can be roughly divided into two categories

Underwear nightdress

This design is more easily accepted by shy and conservative fairies, because it can also be used as daily pajamas. It is characterized by lust but not pornography. Occasionally careful opportunities will spark some small sparks in your ordinary life~

After all, you have to wear it to sleep. You can consider the fabric (ice silk or silk) when choosing. When he picks you up, the first touch is super silky.

At the same time, try to choose a short style with a waist, which shows a thin waist and long legs, and it is also very convenient to lift it up and have sex.


Maid outfit, student outfit, nurse outfit, flight attendant outfit, all kinds of uniform temptation. For boys, the most exciting thing is that they are sleeping with the same person, but they seem to have a new look every day. This is full of freshness. Which man can stand it?

If both parties have similar preferences, you can choose the one that both parties like. If the two parties have different preferences, one person can be satisfied at a time.

But be careful to figure out the roles that both sides absolutely cannot accept, otherwise you will spoil your interest if you step on the minefield~ For example, some people like the queen, and some people are very disgusted~ These are two extremes

Different colors of erotic lingerie will also convey different feelings

Red gives people the strongest visual impact and is suitable for women with fair skin and plump body, making him easily have a strong X impulse and possessiveness.

White is the representative color of innocence, and it is pure desire, soft and cute, which can arouse his strong desire for protection and long for a gentle and romantic entanglement.

Black is the most mysterious and tempting color, exuding a noble queen aura, making people want to conquer and explore. And black is the most versatile color, and it is not picky about body shape and skin color.

If you are the lucky man and your significant other is willing to put on erotic lingerie for you, all you have to do is praise her and keep praising her!

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