Have you ever had sex syncope?

“Coital syncope” Modern medicine is called “vasopressive syncope”, which is the phenomenon of sudden fainting after sexual interaction or sexual interaction.

This is due to a series of adverse neural reflexes caused by excessive excitement and excitement during sexual interaction, resulting in dilation of blood vessels around the body, relatively insufficient blood supply to the heart and brain, resulting in syncope caused by transient cerebral ischemia, pale complexion , loss of consciousness, and unresponsiveness.

Her husband was relatively lucky. After fainting, he woke up after a short rest. It was really a rebirth after a catastrophe. Many people may not be able to wake up directly in the process, that is, a “sudden death” occurs. Happening.

The reason for the “fainting” may have a lot to do with the lack of exercise and staying up late after working overtime for a long time. Miss Xianyu’s husband is a programmer. He usually works overtime and rarely exercises. This sexual interaction is more than their usual sexual interaction. The degree of excitement and intensity is much greater, so that the body is in a state of super load, and the body cannot bear it.

The pressure of life and work of modern people is increasing, and many life and work patterns have been depleting our body. Usually, it may be difficult for us to notice. When we overload our body, it is very harmful to our body. There are challenges.

There are also some conditions that increase the risk of “coital syncope”: such as drinking alcohol, taking erection aids, excessive fatigue, or patients with underlying heart disease.

Syncope during sexual intercourse is just a reaction, whether it is a disease or not, whether it needs treatment or not, is difficult to determine, but if a similar situation occurs, attention should be paid to it. This may be caused by some external factors, or it may be because we are Because our body is flashing a red light, we should find out the real source of the problem, and then deal with it in a targeted manner.

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