Have you ever experienced the performance of men and women during love

Most young people are a little shy at the beginning of their first love. They try to have a steady and natural rendezvous with each other, but they often cannot adjust their inner passions satisfactorily. Generally speaking, there are not many opportunities for sexual arousal in the first love, which is largely a spiritual pursuit.
A person may fall in love several times in his life, but his first love is only once. After young men and women choose their sweethearts, they begin to enter into their first love. Its success or failure will directly affect a person’s future concept of love and sexuality.

After entering the stage of passionate love, the psychological state is very different. Young men and women appear enthusiastic, unrestrained, and even “unpossessed”, and strong sexual impulses also follow. When the passion exceeds the rationality, a series of abnormal phenomena can occur: for example, the other party’s weakness is regarded as the advantage, the social organization is disregarded for the rendezvous, the work and study efficiency is reduced, and so on. As someone has said, “young men and women in love often have the lowest level of intelligence”.

The first characteristic of passionate love is exclusivity.

This refers to a psychological state of resisting any opposite sex approaching one’s passionate love object. The so-called jealousy in love is a reflection of this characteristic. It is true that any young men and women require their loved ones to be loyal and unyielding; this is also one of the guarantees to maintain the monogamous marriage system. The manifestations of exclusivity are various: the light ones are uncomfortable when they see their object and the opposite sex approaching; the heavy ones are violent or arguing.

Excessive exclusivity has two bad consequences. One is mutual suspicion, which leads to a setback in love or punishment of innocent friends;

The second characteristic of passionate love is volatility.

This is one of the signs of emotional instability in adolescence. When you are happy, you are smiling and dancing; when you are not happy, you are panicked and depressed. Strong volatility may lead to some vicious events. For example, when they suspect that the other party has betrayed themselves, they may be extremely hostile to hurt others and kill, or they may become mentally ill or commit suicide.

The third characteristic of passionate love is impulsiveness

Which is a psychological tendency of young people to be strongly close to the object of their passion. This impulsiveness can break all the shackles of young people in love, such as social pressure, family pressure and so on. However, sex also tends to occur when libido and erotic passions are high. Especially for young men and women who fall in love at first sight, it is more impulsive. In addition, impulsiveness is also manifested in going through fire and water for the object of love, making great self-sacrifice, but does not consider whether this sacrifice has social value or not.

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