Has anyone used sex toys, do they help couples emotionally?

In terms of pure sensory stimulation, sex experts believe that sex equipment does have “fascinating allure”, but it is a bit of a fuss to say that it is easy to “addictive”. People have emotions, in addition to physical pleasure, they also pursue spiritual satisfaction, which cannot be filled by cold sex toys.

On the other hand, the better the relationship between husband and wife, the higher the emotional satisfaction, and the use of sex toys will not only have no bad interference, but also enhance the quality and taste of sexual life. If you use sex toys on each other, the stimulation will be further increased.

1. Adult products are best used when they are "needed"

To prevent the abuse of sex toys, it’s best to follow the “need” principle. The first, sex experts explain, is “use by those in need.” For those who are separated, widowed, disabled, and couples have sex, they can use sex toys as a supplement to their daily requirements.

The second is “use when needed”. For example, one of the men and women wants to seek the stimulation of “toys”, or experience other forms of happiness. At this time, it is of course better to choose a sex toy that suits you and the other party. One point to be emphasized here is that when there is a need, it is necessary to make a full “grasp” and pay attention to whether both parties have the same will. Reluctance to use a sex toy will only be self-defeating if one partner wants to use it, but the other hates it, or hasn’t consulted with the other. Like some men who buy it for their wives, the wife may not be able to refuse, but she is not happy and thinks wildly, which will endanger the relationship between husband and wife. There are also men who think it’s okay for men to use adult products, but if they find out that their wives or girlfriends are secretly using adult products, they are often furious.

Although it is a relationship between husband and wife, how to vent sexual life still belongs to the privacy of the individual. You should allow the other party a certain degree of freedom, rather than forcing the other party to obey you. Therefore, even if the husband feels angry, insecure, and guilty when he sees his wife secretly using appliances, he should still understand her in the end. The two will discuss the disharmony in their lives and make appropriate adjustments.

Only the correct use of these adult products can effectively improve the quality of love between men and women. If used blindly, it will only make the love between two people worse, which will be counterproductive, so everyone needs to buy. It is best to have a good understanding of this.

2. Is it okay for couples to use sex toys during sex

As long as the sex toys are used correctly, of course, there are certain benefits to the love between husband and wife. Sex toys can play a vital role when the husband can’t get an erection and when the woman can’t reach the gc. Therefore, we should maintain a correct attitude towards sex toys and cannot blindly reject it.

3 .What to pay attention to when using sex toys for couples

The use of sex toys in married life will help to improve the quality of married life to a certain extent and add fun to married life, especially when the passion of married couples who have been married for many years gradually fades into love and superfluous love. It can bring freshness, and the world of love is full of passion again.

What should I pay attention to when using sex toys for couples?

1. When opening the newly purchased sex toys, be sure to read the product manual clearly, understand the usage and precautions, especially the sex toys that enter the body, be sure to know whether the item is waterproof, manual or electric or other uses, and how to use it.

2. When using sex toys, it is best to choose when your body is in good condition. When the physical condition is not good, such as illness, cold, staying up late, local pain, bad mood, it is recommended not to use it, do not force yourself, and conform to the feelings of the body. The use of sex toys is just an adjustment to the couple’s life.

What problems should you pay attention to when purchasing?

1. When buying condoms, you must pay attention. The size, model and function you buy must be suitable for you. You cannot buy condoms that are not suitable for you because some products are on discount. Therefore, it is very important to choose a condom that suits you. .

2. When purchasing sex toys, you can’t blindly seek stimulation or cheapness, and ignore the importance of materials, otherwise it is easy to cause accidents or damage to you and your partner’s body due to the quality of sex toys. For example, using a male collar for too long can lead to cell necrosis and prostate disease. In addition, massage sticks or male collars with poor materials are prone to breakage or fall off. Therefore, when purchasing, you must consider many factors so as not to be self-defeating! I don’t think you need to go to Tmall Okamoto flagship store to buy sex toys. , Xiaohuangji adult products franchise stores, such as Taobao Lucia’s Lover, this is also a formal sex toy store, and it is a public welfare store.

Finally, if you use sex toys for couples for a long time, it will cause various swelling, pain and inflammation caused by excessive friction of male and female organs, and even seriously endanger health. Using lubricating oil can best solve this problem by effectively reducing friction, so that you can have fun for a long time without worrying about harming reproductive health.

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