Happiness is to find a warm person to live a lifetime

Happiness is to find a warm person to live a lifetime. Today, I suddenly want to tell all the people in the world, cherish it, cherish the people who love you, cherish the people who have always protected you by your side, and have always treated you as a treasure. That person is really precious. When he is by your side, you don’t know that you really love him that much, and you even think that the love you get is deserved, and you rarely realize his importance. Sometimes I feel tired, sometimes I feel a lack of passion, but when you don’t have him nagging by your side, no one cares about you, no one cares about your pain, you suddenly find that you have lost the one you have always loved the most. people.

Happiness is to find a warm person to live a lifetime. Love is a long tug of war. From our acquaintance to acquaintance, and then to falling in love, there is a long tug of war. When two people who have no interaction for 20 years or more are together, it is inevitable that there will be quarrels and differences. We are not one, we are only together because of love, and love does not solve all problems. Because our personalities are too strong, and what we love more is actually ourselves, so we are always arguing.

If there is a medicine for regret in this world, I believe that everyone wants to have it, so they can take a medicine after every quarrel and cold war, forget them all, and start over. It’s a pity that there is no such medicine, and even if there is, always taking the regret medicine will lead to drug resistance. Every time a quarrel leaves a little harm, the accumulation will become a burden for you and his troubles. No one takes a small quarrel to heart, but what about two or three? How many times? All quarrels turned into grievances in the end, and one day, they would break out.

Each of us has been in love, and I believe it is very serious. Maybe some of them have been lost for a long time, but when I think about it, it still hurts faintly. Because once he left you as much as what he took away from you in the end, surprisingly fair. No one owes anyone, just didn’t know how to cherish it at the beginning. Maybe you will say that I didn’t cherish it last time, but this time I will do it well and cherish it! But how to cherish it?

Your lover, you must experience it with your heart, understand his heart, and think about what he needs. When you think about what he needs, you have already gained his respect. Your lover, you have to protect it with your heart. Don’t think you can’t protect him just because he is stronger than you or a big man. Your love is stronger than any encouragement, and you are enough to protect the person you love. Your lover, you have to cherish him with your heart. For every bit of what he has done for you, you should not only thank him, but keep it in your heart and think about him often. He can put down his face to endure your bad temper for the sake of loving you, get used to your completely different habits from his, and take care of your time and regularity, all because of his love.

Before you lose your temper, inhale, take 5 deep breaths, and then exhale 5 long breaths. Then speak again. When you have any opinions or questions about him, you may wish to write to him and tell him that you have calmed down first in the process of writing the letter, and your originally depressed mood has been relieved. Sometimes you may stop being angry after writing the letter. Because writing a letter requires words and thinking, let you calm down first. In this way, using letters to communicate, less verbal conflict and more communication, will allow the problems between you to be resolved in the most rational way, and will no longer be replaced by quarrels or cold wars.

When you are wronged, you might as well tell him your thoughts directly, let him know your true thoughts, what you really want to do, and what you need him to do. Don’t always let him guess your thoughts, because your thoughts are really hard to guess. Not all loved ones have that kind of interlinked sixth sense. Don’t be angry if he can’t guess your thoughts, because in fact, you don’t know how long it takes him to guess your thoughts and how many brain cells are wasted.

When you are sad, you might as well tell him your thoughts first. Maybe he has nothing to do, but at least the person you love will surely comfort you. Sometimes he will tell you directly that you are wrong, don’t be angry, he is for your own good, he is just standing on the sidelines to give you a guide, after you calm down, maybe you will think his method is very good, Even if it’s not feasible, be considerate of his thoughts. Conversely, when you find that something is wrong with him, you should pay attention to him, pay attention to his brows, and pay attention to his mood. To understand him, even if you can’t understand it, try to understand it.

Before you make a decision, you might as well tell him your decision, which is a sign of respect for him. Maybe he will disagree, but he will definitely be happy for your respect. If you agree with it, congratulations, you have further promoted your happiness. And when he makes a decision, don’t intervene too much, give him as much space as possible. Believe me, although you are in love, you are still whole individuals, so let him decide. Even if you don’t agree, don’t tell him when he’s excited, encourage him! Then give him some advice euphemistically. Don’t underestimate your lover’s ability when facing hardships, and don’t blame him for your depression. It’s not easy for him either. He faces the same difficulties as you, and he also has to take care of your thoughts. In fact, it’s even more difficult for him. Work hard with him, I believe you can solve everything together. Don’t face difficulties alone, because no one wants their lover to face difficulties alone. Being able to go through hardships together is as important as enjoying happiness together. No matter what you face, I believe that two people should be together.

When you feel that your love has no passion, you might as well examine yourself first. What have you done for you? Is there a reason for your boredom now? How long has it been since you gave him a small present? How long has it been since you kissed him for no reason? How long has it been since you chatted with him? How long has it been since you invited him to dinner or a movie? Don’t always think that he doesn’t love you enough. If you don’t have the care before, love will mature, love will grow up, and there is no immutable love. Don’t be too calculating, don’t always calculate.

When you are faced with temptation, you might as well stop and think about your past and his past. He used to be full of temptation and attraction to you. But now the passion has faded. No one can be passionate forever, and no emotion can go on forever. The temptations you face now will one day be calmed down. Just like you and your current lover. And, if your lover faced such temptation, what would you expect him to do? Just be yourself as you want him to do.

Remember, take a deep breath beforehand, don’t be in a hurry, don’t get excited, two people’s affairs should be handled by two people.

We have never really learned how to love since we were born. We have experienced the meaning of love bit by bit from reality and experience. I really didn’t write this to advertise myself. In fact, I too A child who does not understand love, in fact, I want to tell the brothers and sisters who are happy and happy now, cherish, protect, and love your lover, before you lose him. I also tell those brothers and sisters who are looking for their own happiness and are on the way to find their own happiness. After finding it, be sure to cherish, protect and love your lover, before you lose him…

Happiness is to find a warm person to live a lifetime. I sincerely hope that everyone has their own happiness!

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