Happiness is a grateful attitude to life

It was a beautiful day when the grass was growing and the warblers were flying, the trees were lush, and the birds were singing and the flowers were fragrant. Above the head is a clear blue sky, the slanting sun shines warmly, the tall shopping mall stands tall, and the passing passengers are in a hurry. In the afterglow of the sunset came a pair of beggars, their clothes were ragged and dirty. But there was no trace of sadness in their eyes. The male beggar carries a heavy bag on his shoulders, probably the harvest of a day’s begging. The female beggar was walking behind the man, carrying the bedding roll. I sighed: they are really unhappy, I do not feel some pity.

As soon as he reached the edge of the west wall, the man began to untie the heavy burden, carefully. Maybe some kind of baby, I thought. For a long time, a single-card tape recorder and a lot of tapes appeared in front of my eyes. The man quickly found a box and packed it, and soon the music curled up. To the melody of the music, the man was already half-lying, with his head resting on the quilt, softly singing “The wind of my hometown, the clouds of my hometown, call me softly…”. His eyes were half-squinted, admiring the woman who sewed her clothes, her legs swaying to the melody, the setting sun reflected on his face, and there was a slight red glow in the darkness. In the music, the woman sang while mending the man’s rags, and looked at her man with a smile from time to time. There are more people watching the excitement, some discussing, some nodding, some sighing in silence… I was moved and couldn’t help taking pictures of this kind of life scene.

Just imagine, a person who is in a state of begging, the pain in his heart, the insignificant actions, and the grief he speaks can be imagined. The couple in this photo are the most destitute in life, but they can take it lightly, laugh at the misfortunes of life with a calm and indifferent attitude, and appreciate the beauty in life with a hundredfold confidence and courage. No matter what the reason is, it is certain that the beauty in the eyes of many ordinary people is not for them. However, after returning from begging one day, sitting in the setting sun and evening breeze, watching the passing of the clouds on the horizon, listening to the repeated singing of the local accent love song, thinking You can think or not think about everything, they must be happy, I think.

From this point of view, happiness is a feeling. Don’t rely on awesome power, don’t rely on extraordinary wealth, don’t rely on superhuman talent. Relying on a normal heart: always cherishing a normal heart with a smile on the warmth of life, there is always a harmonious and full joy accompanied. Happiness is like wearing shoes, the elasticity is self-evident; happiness is like drinking water, knowing the warmth and coldness. If happiness is physical, then happiness is spiritual. Happiness is to use the bitterest life to brew the sweet wine of life.

It turns out that happiness is a feeling, a feeling that does not need too much, a peaceful state of mind, a state of indifference, and a grateful attitude towards life.

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