Girls wear sexy lingerie not to please others, but please yourself

After a tiring day at work, I went home. Saw a new courier at the door. The delivery note said: Household goods. I had a tinge of anticipation in my heart, and hurriedly took it back to my room.

This is my new clothes, the reward of my life, my erotic lingerie.

Turn on the air conditioner, take off my thick coat, and put on my light underwear. This time I bought a sailor suit, with cute sailor knots raised playfully, the top is very short, and half of the chest is looming. Underneath the skirt are black stockings. A thigh is exposed.

This outfit makes me feel like I have returned to the school days and become the invincible youth of me. I posed in various poses in front of the mirror, and I was really proud of my body, bumpy, and biologically speaking, if I were a man, I would definitely fall in love with myself. I thought so to myself.

It’s a pity that I’m already 28 years old, so I can’t wear JK blatantly, and I can’t be reckless and cute. Compared to JK and Lolita, I prefer erotic lingerie as an adult. In front of the mirror, I admire my beauty, bold and unrestrained, and there are many kinds of erotic underwear, sometimes sexy, sometimes cute, sometimes domineering. Erotic lingerie is the taste that I give to life, open the wardrobe, the corner of the wardrobe is my most private world.

|| Sorry, I don't have a boyfriend yet

I’ve always thought that having your own little fetishes without disturbing others is no big deal. I also don’t like to go out wearing normal clothes outside, like some H-color novels. I just like to imitate actresses in various poses in front of my mirror. It can be said to be a kind of narcissism, and I do get happiness from it.

I don’t know why erotic lingerie is always associated with men, just like the comments below many erotic shops that I see always say, “It’s very sexy to wear, my husband likes it very much.”

“Sorry, I don’t have a boyfriend yet.” I replied bluntly.

The little girl who was three years younger than me had a surprised look on her face, very much like the ignorant and fearful expression of a newborn baby seeing a monster.

A single woman in her late 30s, half a wardrobe of sexy lingerie, these very eye-catching words can make people’s minds make up countless charming and lonely scenes.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” She backed away apologetically, even forgetting to take the blazer.

|| It’s just a dress and not a sign of a slut

Later, I had a boyfriend. Of course, I was in love before, not really the kind of old maid who can only have sex by herself. After three months of dating, we went to bed. He’s a thrill seeker, and I wasn’t surprised when he asked me to wear erotic lingerie. I naturally told him which underwear was of good quality and which was newer.

“You know so well.”

“I usually wear it too.” I didn’t plan to hide it. At that time, I felt that I was not too old. If I wanted to go on with him, I had to be open and honest.

“I just think erotic lingerie looks good and shows off your figure,” I explained.

But his expression was still ugly, and it wasn’t long before we parted.

He said, “I think you’ve had a lot of appointments.”

When I put on erotic lingerie at his request, I was an incredibly pure woman.

When I put on lingerie for myself, he called me a slut.

I can’t figure it out, I feel that distrust is the root of the problem, not the dress.

|| Hey , I think you are beautiful

I have always been confident in my body because I have a habit of keeping fit. After breaking up with my ex boyfriend, I met my current husband. He is a programmer, gentle and considerate. We went to bed for the first time, I said.

“I’m wearing erotic lingerie for you, okay?” His face was flushed, and he even turned his back as I changed, saying it was a sign of respect for me. After I changed my clothes, I stood in front of him nervously. This is my first time wearing lingerie in front of a man.

“How?” My voice was as small as a mosquito.

“I think you are beautiful.” After he finished speaking, he kissed me softly and softly. I immediately decided that I wanted to sleep with him for the rest of my life.

We would pick erotic lingerie together, just like picking a normal piece of clothing. It’s not my exclusive secret anymore, we’re symbiotic and honest. But occasionally I also put on a sexy lingerie to see if my figure can still be maintained so well, surrounded by lace and black silk, I will always be young and beautiful.

I hope every girl can appreciate her body and find someone who is willing to trust you and watch you bloom perfectly.

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