Girls, don’t treat sex as a gift to reward him

Loving someone who shouldn’t be distressed is the beginning of a girl’s bad luck

She felt distressed for this man and felt that “something must be done to compensate him”. Because of this feeling of indebtedness, she hesitated for a moment, and ended up in a troublesome situation.

However, I think it is understandable, because it is not uncommon for girls to have the idea of ​​”giving back sex to men”.

When do girls take sex as a gift

When do girls use sex as a gift to reward others? I summed up the cases of myself and the girls around me, and found that there are mainly three situations:

1) Sympathy, pity

This emotion generally occurs in short-term relationships.

For example: a man is not sexually attractive, but he is very “kind” to you, some girls will think, “This man is so pitiful, no one has sex with him, or I will fulfill him ?”

Another example: Like the submission above, the other party came from a long way, and the girl felt that “the mountains and rivers are far away, it’s hard work, since he’s all here, let’s cooperate with him.”

2) to please, win over

This mentality generally occurs when girls want to establish a long-term relationship with boys, but boys only want to “meet in bed”.

A girl’s inner OS is that if I don’t have a relationship with him, he may leave me. They will comfort themselves like this: “Oh, he is very uncomfortable… Since I like him too, it’s not a loss to sleep with him twice”.

Although they are not willing to be the bed companions on call, they will compromise again and again until they can no longer bear this unequal relationship.

3) A sense of obligation

This usually happens in stable partnerships.

The girl’s idea is that I’m already his girlfriend, he also bought me a bag, treated me to an expensive meal, took me to the movies… I should satisfy his physiological needs ?

I’ve also found that this mindset is more prevalent among women who are married or engaged, and seems to be driven by a feeling of a deeper contract with the man.

When a girl is very eager to have a partner, it is often when she is the weakest psychologically

The possible result of this mentality is that they will have “accidental” pregnancies in half-assisted sex — forced to have one child if they didn’t want to have one; forced to have a second child if they only wanted to have one child; Those who gave birth to a second child were forced to give birth to a third child… This is not my guess, but a real case that happened to me.

As for why there are so many “accidents”, we won’t delve into it for the time being. Anyway, if you have a relationship with the man out of these kinds of mentality, generally there will be no good things behind.

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