Getting married or staying single?

Married Life is Not better than single life. It is actually the total opposite.

I’ll lay out the reasons and you decide for yourself which is better.

Being Married:

1.It’s a partnership and a life time commitment.
2.Everything you want to do has to be discussed and agreed upon with your spouse.
3.You have added responsibility once a child comes along.
4.Sex maybe consistent at first but then it starts declining.
5.There are times he or she will drive you up the wall.
6.Your happiness is dependent upon the other party.
7.You give up all your freedom.
8.You have to meet the in-laws and get to know them. Let alone, accept them and them.. You!

Being Single

1.You are your own boss.
2.You get to choose what you want and when you want it.
3.You can build yourself a really good life. Study, Travel, Build a business.
4.Your happiness depends on you.
5.You can travel with a group of friends and not be bombarded with questions later about what happened.. (in Vegas)
6.Yes, sex may be random at times if you are promiscuous. As long as you get it when you want it. I rather you wait..
7.You have only one responsibility.. You, and maybe your parents.
8.There is no need for a second opinion.
9.You can choose who you want in your life.
10.You have all these people to choose from.
11.Yes, you maybe lonely. But I am sure you’ll have friends and family.
12.You can go back to school.
13.You can do anything.


Okay, perhaps I am being biased. There are pros and cons to being married or single. The thing is, remaining single for a while is a better choice. You don’t want to be married and then get divorced in the next 2 to 3 years.

It’s better to save yourself all that heart ache before it even begins.

Just my opinion!

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