Get married if it suits you!

When I was young, it was easy to be moved by “We love each other very much”, and I experienced some things slowly, and I was somewhat suspicious about falling in love with each other. Now, if a man and a woman decide to be together, I’d much rather hear them say confidently that we’re together, it’s really a good fit.

Get married if it suits you! Not long ago, I met a college classmate. He used to be in love with my roommate so hard that they broke up after graduation. He couldn’t help but inquire about the reason for the breakup, but he was calm and bluntly said that it was not suitable for the two to be together. His current wife is a small clerk, a typical wife and mother. Now, he has become famous, and she is willing to play a supporting role. I really can’t imagine that my roommate, who is also a strong woman today, can give up her pursuit for a man.

In love, cherishing each other is the most important, and marriage tests compatibility. When two parts of the same high quality are not on the same machine, they adore each other and run on the same machine, but often you knock me and I touch you.

A marriage without love is risky. However, if you think that you can get married only with love, the risk is even greater. “Get married if you think it’s right”, this is the attitude of countless mothers when facing their daughter’s life-long event. She didn’t say love, but said it was appropriate, not because she couldn’t say the word “love”, but because mothers who had experienced long marriages no longer valued love, but appropriateness.

Alexandre Dumas said: “Arguing and hurting are the means to test love.” Everyone who has loved deeply should know that when you love someone deeply, you can’t tolerate plainness. It is necessary to create incidents every three to five, so that the emotions of both parties are at rock bottom. The pain of struggling from the bottom is the best proof of love.

In the eyes of the older generation, most lovers who love to the death are not suitable for marriage. The so-called “deep love does not last long”. Or simply have a love marathon, run in to the “suitable” first, and then talk about marriage.

The so-called appropriate, represents a relatively comfortable state. It is very likely that because of comfort, habits arise, and because of habits, dullness is created. There will be no one quarrel for three days and one quarrel for two days, and there will be no unforgettable love and hatred. Its premise is that the two can tolerate and complement each other in character. Unconventional love is the most beautiful, and common sense marriage is the longest. Marriage is the most serious wear and tear on love, whether it is the sublimation of love or the establishment of family affection, in short, it has nothing to do with love.

With the intensification of the running-in, the disharmony in the character that was deliberately ignored when falling in love will become more and more obvious. Love pays attention to “commonality”, while marriage pays attention to harmonious “differences”. Only by learning from each other’s strengths can we avoid breaking the skin.

And those melancholy, romantic, passionate, super cool people who used to make us want to die, they are suitable for most women to be in love with, but not suitable for most women to marry. If you’re not Yoko Ono, definitely don’t expect to subdue John Lennon.

“I don’t think it’s suitable for you to be together.” When relatives and friends comment on your relationship, don’t laugh it off. We might as well think about what is wrong with us, whether it can be overcome or difficult to overcome, whether it is the illusion of others or something else. Of course, women are happier with less reason, and happier in a lifetime of love. The question is, who can you fall in love with for a lifetime?

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