Four reasons to reject an office romance

Love is a war, or you can give your heart and your body, but please save your work to the end first. Don’t believe in love in the office, don’t blindly love others, please love yourself first, take care of yourself first, clarify your responsibilities and tasks first, and then make full use of the time beyond 8 hours.

1. Falling in love with your boss can't get a promise

No matter how handsome he is, his gentle voice, his magnetic lips, and his sexy lips, please don’t look at it in your eyes and love him in your heart, especially knowing that the goods sold will not be returned, and that his wife is virtuous and family is happy. Don’t love him, don’t think about him, don’t give birth to a lot of worries about his considerate care, he can’t give you results, you can’t promise him, love to love to hurt in vain doesn’t even affect a promising job. The supreme treasure in Journey to the West will say: Why bother? Why bother?

2. There is a danger of being replaced by a romantic position with a subordinate

The youthful blood of the newly graduated boy has not been exhausted in college, so he can spend it as much as he can, but you? As soon as your brain heats up, you lose yourself in his childish eyes? Don’t fall in love with him, don’t end up knocking out your teeth and swallowing blood, just watch him go away, and the newcomer approaches, and replaces you with a smile.

3. Falling in love with ordinary colleagues is not warm

A love affair happens in the same company, and the most satisfying ending is that one of them has to go to another place to develop himself, unless you fight with him to fight guerrillas and engage in underground warfare, unless you and him are not serious and just want to find someone Arms are warm to each other, but such a fast-food love, the longest flower is no longer than your desk, isn’t it thrown into the garbage pile early in an afternoon and a half?

4. It's dangerous to fall in love with a new handsome guy

Although his big eyes and curly hair will make you crazy, don’t rub his CD lipstick and spray Envy perfume on him, and use the excuse of teaching people to print, remember the phone, and stick to him with saliva, and in less than two weeks you find out that he is Huahua The young master felt remorse, but also found that the whole company already knew that you were a super nympho. The good impression of being gentle and introverted over the years has been destroyed and it is not worth it.

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