Foreplay is important in your sex

​In the process of human sexuality, it is very beneficial to have some skills. How to improve the quality of sexual activity is a skill that everyone should master.

A good 20 minutes of foreplay can increase a woman’s chance of orgasm from 25% to 90%!! Schedule these 20 minutes well, it’s easier to kill her than if you’re struggling to push and thrust for half an hour in a row.

Foreplay Flirting Guidelines: Don't Repeat the Same Thing

Don’t think that your three tricks and two styles that have made other girls feel good are equally effective in front of her! Not only do women differ from woman to woman, but even the same woman will have different needs with different emotions and atmospheres . Learning to observe the form and adapt to changes is the true meaning of martial arts for top masters to “stand alone in the rivers and lakes”.

Always a beat slower than her

Lead your movements with her warmth, not burn her with your lust. This should be your guideline for any technique you use next. For example, don’t touch your attractive boobs until she actively lifts them up; just swim around her waist and belly until she’s grabbing your hand between her legs. Well, even if you think you can get her to orgasm even if you don’t, here’s the difference between the pros and you: They can turn a submissive woman into a sexy bed stunner. ( China Sexual Health Network)

Don't strip her

Not stripping her all at once isn’t just slow for slow. Keep her close-fitting vest; or don’t take off her stockings and high heels; in fact, even if only a necklace and two earrings are left, it is enough to make you excited to the extreme. Moreover, these restrained clothes and accessories will greatly stimulate the sexy valve of her body and mind.

Simmer soup

Stir-frying will never taste better than simmering. When kissing, it’s like your lips sticking to glass, when you lick it, it’s like dusting an antique, and when you touch it, it’s like applying ointment to the back of a scalded hand. Makes her skin more sensitive than ever.

Make your breasts firmer

Of course we know how tempting women’s breasts are for you, but the advice to you at this time is still: don’t worry. Focus more on her breasts, ribs, collarbone and neck, until she can’t wait to grab your hands and press them against her chest!

Appropriately rude

Of course, for a real man, can it still be called love if it is just blindly fondling and provoking! As long as the time is right and the heat is right, you can definitely try the very masculine way: grab the hair, hold the wrist, press the shoulder, or even spank, which will also make her feel hugely stimulated. However, some more intense movements require a premise that she can fully trust, and grab your hair as much as possible, don’t use your fists for spanking… In short, don’t hurt her.

In real life, men are often more eager to sprint, and women are more concerned about the process, so the skills are particularly important. As an active man, you can’t just focus on the process and results, you should control the overall situation and care about quality.

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  1. Foreplay to be honest is the best thing to be able to experience with a friend who will make things happen that would have an impact on you and your lover. Of course I am very experienced in romantic ways and love the erotic minded nature that I am looking forward to seeing transpire for the way I am made needs relaxation to be welcoming the way that I am endowment wise.

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