Flip of Pornstar Powers

Porn sites provide such an almost utopian platform: first, morality has no role here, people are no longer ashamed for their sexuality, and they are no longer judged for viewing/producing pornographic images; Disciplinary discipline loses its effect, the standards of sex, sexuality and sexual pleasure lose their template, and any sexual orientation and fetish can be satisfied; thirdly, pornographic sites have created pornographic actors into pornstars, and these stars have become absolute the protagonist.

On porn sites, sex is no longer a humiliation, but a compliment, and at this time, a strange phenomenon arises, when sex is based on pleasure as the only criterion, when women in sex videos are no longer acceptable. When obtaining exclusive resources, users’ communication displayed an unimaginable friendliness and harmony; we saw that comments on pornographic actors of any race, any size, any appearance, and any sexual activity were almost There are only a few: she’s cute, you are amazing, that’s hot, and more notably, this comment is accompanied by another voice, an affirmation from female desire: I hope someone do that to me. In contrast, when the people in the film are not showing joy, people’s attitudes are very negative, they say, hope there’s consent, or she does it for money, poor girl deserves better – in the extreme In cases (usually reviews of some Japanese films), they even say, this is sick, people should stop watching this, it’s not healthy. We see that when sex is no longer the criterion for moral and physical judgment of women, people show a sexual pleasure-centered love for women, and a humanitarian empathy; the female body is not a monopoly The object that needs to be controlled is not an object that is only allowed to bear the desires of others, but an equal object that needs its consent, and a sexual subject who pleases itself.

Some might say that porn stars are still there to satisfy male desires. Yes, they satisfy other people’s desires, but before that, they satisfy their own desires. Pornstars are often presented in such a way that they are beautiful, sexy, active, and although in the most masochistic films, they also use a variety of expressions and movements to guide the sexual behavior. They are no longer the virgin virgins of mainstream moral education, they are not loved for their purity, not for being ‘righteous’ or ‘not indecent’, but precisely for being ‘dissolute’. My love for porn stars began with rae lil black, a girl whose heavy makeup, tattoos and piercings were a rebellion against the morals imposed on the female body, while her active, submissive stance and sly smile were Like a sweet trap, or, as I’ve often described her, she’s like a tantalizing venomous snake that eats up after mating.

So a porn star can be proud to say, I was excited to do this and I had so much fun; can happily accept everyone’s outspoken compliments on her sexuality, and so can a porn star, to any disciplined Comments for a spicy hit back. When someone says to june liu, there are too many Chinese girls with your (small) boobs, how can you make men hard? She replied that it’s your personal health problem to get tough, please see a doctor instead of asking for help online. This perfect comeback is hard to come by outside of a porn star, she doesn’t shy away from talking about sex, she doesn’t get offended by talking openly about her sexuality to another guy, because as a porn star, she can be bold her body and sexual attractiveness, her anger is that this man is trying to discipline her body with a standardized aesthetic (big breasts), and her counterattack is full of sexual sovereignty: she refuses to use her body to cater to other people’s fetishes it is good. The aura and the title that pornographic actors have given to pornographic actors as ‘stars’ further make their sex and sexual appeal an object of adoration, admiration, and influence, rather than subjugation, transformation, and in pornography. On the movie site, it’s always pornstar fucks fan, not fan fucks pornstar.

In this way, porn stars have achieved a reversal of their power in the sexual realm: they have changed from sexual objects to sexual subjects. By being generous with the audience’s desire for oneself, obscene sexual praise changes from a tool to insult women to something that enhances women’s sexual self-confidence; sex with them has changed from a male possession to a male gift, so to speak, in pornography. On the site, pornstars have completely taken back the sex drive.

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