Feelings of sadness after a breakup

The sad feeling after breaking up and feeling everything in my body seems to be inadvertent, but it is my painstaking work, I hope you are happy. You said: Why don’t you give me a pair of rain boots. Why don’t you send me a spring rain. Then even if I cry, in the rain, it will not be easy for you to see.

In fact, things in the world come at the right time, but we do not have the right mood to meet it.

I left him because I loved him. I like this saying. Some feelings are so direct and cruel. Can not tolerate any twists and turns of warmth. It is better to leave with a warm heart than the pale truth, pure things die too fast.

Feelings are understood is a kind of happiness, waiting to be understood is a kind of loneliness!

The moment I decided to give up on you, I cried, and my tears proved that I really love you.

Let’s never talk about breaking up, okay? Loving you is not a game. I love you sincerely. I can not forget you. Whether our resolution is perfect or not, hook your fingers and say no more.

What is courage? Is it crying for you to love me, or crying for you to leave.

A man’s self-confidence comes from a woman’s admiration for him, and a woman’s pride comes from a man’s admiration for her. Never cultivate the man you love. You cultivate him too well, and there are only two results: he will look down on you or he will be stolen. The way to pursue a person does not need to be too clever, but the way to leave must be extremely clever!

Why do we never treasure those who are with us right now? In the unpredictable reunion, we thought we would meet again, we would meet again, we always thought we had a chance to say sorry, but we never thought that every wave of goodbye might be a farewell, and every sigh might be the world A final sigh.

A woman’s loneliness is so vulnerable. If a man reaches out to me, if his fingers are hot. Who he is doesn’t really matter to me anymore.

Maybe love is just because of loneliness, you need to find someone to love, even if there is no ending.

Wounds are the humiliation given by others, the illusion of one’s own persistence. Women like me are always in the relationship in the form of a puzzle.

Find out that you can only love one person in an instant. And gradually become selfish.

Many people do not need goodbye because they are just passing by. Forgetting is the best memory we give to each other.

I don’t know how many decades one person’s life can give to another person.

Love can be a momentary thing or a lifetime thing. Everyone can fall in love with different people at different times. It’s not that whoever leaves can’t live, forgetting makes us strong.

A creature like man, if you look closely, it turns out to be scarred. Whether you are loved or not, everyone has different feelings. The price of rediscovering old dreams is often beyond our means. The happiness in the world will always make people look better. Because of smile, I understand love.

If you don’t love someone, let them go so that someone else has a chance to love her. If someone you love has abandoned you, let yourself go so that you have the opportunity to love others.

Some things will never belong to you no matter how much you like them, and some things are destined to be given up no matter how much you miss them. There are many kinds of love in life, but don’t let love become a kind of harm.

Some fates are destined to be lost, and some fates will never have good results. You don’t have to have to love someone, but to have someone you must love them well.

A man cries because he really loves; a woman cries because she really gave up.

If sincerity is a kind of injury, I choose to lie; if a lie is a kind of injury, I choose silence; if silence is a kind of injury, I choose to leave.

If loss is suffering, are you afraid of giving? If confusion is suffering, will you choose to end? If pursuit is suffering, will you choose to be obsessed? If separation is suffering, who do you want to talk to? At the time, I didn’t feel bitter at all, but I couldn’t find the way I came from.

There is a kind of love, obviously deep love, but can’t express it. There is a kind of love, obviously want to give up, but can’t give up. There is a kind of love, know it is suffering, but can’t open. There is a kind of love, know that there is no way forward. Can’t get it back.

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