Explain the 5 colors of semen and 10 reasons

Semen is composed of seminal plasma and sperm, of which seminal plasma accounts for about 90%, while sperm accounts for only about 10%. Normal semen is a mixture of secretions from the testis and epididymis and sperm suspended in it, mixed with secretions from the prostate, seminal vesicles and bulbourethral glands during ejaculation.

The ejected mixture is a viscous liquid whose color is also influenced by the color of these mixtures.

The semen just ejaculated is generally considered to be off-white or gray-yellow. If it is a man who has not ejaculated for a long time, the ejaculate is slightly yellowish; if the sex life is more frequent, it may lead to insufficient sperm supply, and the semen is generally clear and watery.

Of course, the color of semen will also change with changes in physical health, dietary habits, and the influence of drugs.

Semen is yellow

It is a relatively common situation that the ejaculated semen is yellow. If it is written in detail, only the yellow semen can write a popular science article.

1. Effects of urine and abstinence

If you urinate just before ejaculation, there is residual fluid in the urethra at this time, and the urine is also yellow at this time. They mix with the semen and tend to give the semen a yellow color.

Prolonged abstinence without ejaculation may also cause semen to appear yellow or pale yellow.

Because sperm has its life cycle, usually about 7 days, if it is not removed from the body in time, it will gradually age and die. These senescent or dead sperm are the main reason for the yellowing of semen.

However, the above situation is generally not to worry about, it is a normal situation, and you can usually pay attention to it.

2. The influence of diet or drugs

Certain foods in daily life also affect the color of semen. Yellow semen may be caused by eating foods with too much sulfur, such as onions and garlic.

It may also turn your semen yellow if you have recently been taking certain medications, such as: B vitamins, pyridine (a pain reliever for urinary tract infections).

Of course, this is nothing to worry about, as it is not a long-term symptom, and the color of the semen will return to normal with changes in diet or medication.

3. Jaundice

Jaundice is caused by elevated serum bilirubin concentration due to bilirubin metabolism disorder.

Bilirubin is a brownish-yellow substance that is produced when the liver breaks down old red blood cells in the body. Jaundice occurs when the liver has difficulty breaking down bilirubin, a by-product of red blood cell destruction.

Jaundice most commonly causes the white part of the eye to turn yellow, but it can also cause yellowing of the skin or semen.

4. Abnormally high white blood cells

White blood cells are a type of lymphocytes that are released through semen, and when too many white blood cells are present, the color of the semen turns yellow, a condition known as leukospermia.

Sexually transmitted infections, prostate infections, or autoimmune diseases are the main causes of leukospermia.

5. Prostate infection or prostatitis

The prostate is a small gland located between the penis and bladder that produces prostatic fluid that, along with sperm and other mixtures, makes up semen.

When the prostate is infected or inflamed, bacteria in the prostatic fluid can cause the color of the semen to change, turning yellow.

Other symptoms of an infected prostate include pain and difficulty urinating, pain during ejaculation, fever, fatigue, and more.

Semen is red or reddish-brown

Semen that is red or reddish-brown may have some blood in the semen (called hemospermia).

The occurrence of hemospermia is usually spontaneous, and most patients are found incidentally by the patient or his/her spouse without any signs and symptoms. Blood semen may occur due to the following reasons:

6. Organic causes

Organic causes of hematospermia include:

① Anatomical abnormalities, such as: Miller cysts, such cysts are often connected with seminal vesicles or ejaculatory ducts, often causing blood sperm due to inflammation.

② stones or prostate stones, which are composed of nitrates and calcium carbonate. When the number of stones increases, a small pouch can be formed, which stimulates the mucous membrane and causes mucositis, which in turn leads to bleeding and blood sperm.

③ Infections, such as: seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, posterior urethritis, etc., which are more common in young patients under the age of 30.

④ Traumatic factors, such as: testicular injury, perineal injury, premature return to sexual life after prostate puncture.

7. Functional reasons

Rough sex or masturbation can cause blood to appear in semen. Prolonged abstinence can also lead to bloody semen in some cases.

However, this condition is not a serious problem and resolves on its own within a day or two.

8. Sudden reasons

The reason for the appearance of hematospermia may also be caused by the small damage to the spermatozoa, which is less common under normal circumstances.

Blood sperm may cause anxiety and tension in everyone. In fact, most of it is benign and has no serious harm. If there is blood in the semen and it is determined that there has been no abnormal sexual behavior recently, you should go to the hospital in time.

Semen is black or green

Compared with yellow and red semen, black and green semen are relatively rare, and the reasons for these two colors may be related to the following factors:

9. Causes of black semen

Black semen is mostly related to hemospermia, which is also a very likely condition.

After the blood dries up, it turns dark red or nearly black, and when this dried blood fuses with the semen, you will see the semen color as black.

Of course, spinal cord injury or the presence of heavy metals such as lead, manganese or nickel can also lead to black ejaculate.

10. Reasons for green semen

Green semen could indicate an infection in your bladder area and possibly a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

In this case, you should see a doctor immediately for a detailed examination to identify the specific cause

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