During sex, my girlfriend was crying because it was too comfortable?

Have you ever experienced being slapped?

It doesn’t mean how intense the process is, but sometimes after having sex, you are suddenly exhausted physically and mentally, the sadness is uncontrollable, and your mind is full of “the world is not worth it”, and you may even question yourself: Do I not love him at all?

Especially when I was emotional, the tears could not stop falling, and there were male peach fans in the backstage who were confused by this scene:

“Please answer! After the last few times, my girlfriend started to cry by herself. I was also very gentle during the process, for fear of hurting her. What is the reason for this? Is it because it was so comfortable that I cried with joy?”

Attention fellow researchers, if this happens to you or your partner, it could be a red flag…

Why did you cry afterwards?

Some people are young and careless, thinking that making the object cry is a demonstration of their ability, and even show it off with friends.

It’s actually not that much to brag about.

According to a 2015 study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine:

Some people will feel melancholy within 5 minutes to 2 hours after sex, and have a desperate and empty emotional state, which will lead to tears and decreased desire.

This kind of negative emotions after sex is called Postcoital Dysphoria (PCD), and both boys and girls may experience it.

People who have experienced this state will feel powerful negative emotions blowing into their faces, making it hard to breathe, and will also show serious aggression and suicidal thoughts.

Australian psychology researcher Robert Schweitzer found that about 41 per cent of men had experienced post-coital anxiety.

About 20% of them said they had experienced the symptoms in the past 4 weeks; 4% had it often or always.

Women are about 46% statistically, and to some extent, women are more likely to experience PCD than men.

So, is it worth pursuing the object of crying?

Why does this phenomenon occur?

sex pain

The medical term is called Dyspareunia (dyspareunia), and this problem is more common in women, about 7.5% of women aged 16-74 will experience this problem.

Exactly how it hurts, and where it hurts, I won’t go into detail here. Those of you who have experienced the adult world should probably understand it!

hormone changes

After the upheaval, people’s emotions are extremely fragile, because the levels of various hormones in the body will fluctuate violently. For example, the hormones oxytocin and dopamine, which are responsible for pleasure, drop sharply after orgasm, causing short-term depression.

This is similar to how a woman’s hormone plummeting after giving birth can lead to postpartum depression. Similarly, boys will enter a rest period after ejaculation.

separation sorrow

Many girls actually belong to the category of “emotions are higher than desires”. If they feel that the other party’s “emotional connection with themselves has been slightly reduced” after sex, they will feel a sense of separation and then feel sad.

traumatic experience

Many people who suffer from severe “post-sex blues” say they have had a bad sexual experience. Especially those who have experienced sexual assault, sexual abuse, etc., are more likely to have post-coital depression.

Final words:

If this is the case and the depression is mild, you can talk to her more, kissing, and hugs, which can not only further improve the satisfaction, but also relieve depression to a certain extent.

However, if the depression persists for too long, it is important to receive psychotherapy or counseling.

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