Don’t try to use time to “cultivate” love

In the development process of love, not only men conquer women, but women conquer men more. Whether this conquest is active or passive, its essence is that men need more women, especially women’s bodies. In this sense, there is no doubt that women are the victors in the love stage or the early stages of marriage. However, it is this kind of victory that makes many women lose the opportunity to think about men and marriage, and just blindly rejoice in the man and marriage they get. This lays a hidden danger for women in the late stage of love or when their marriage enters a certain period of time, because many women simply don’t know how they conquer men? How did you get married? The root of this problem is that women do not have their own standards for conquering men.

There are four important criteria for women to conquer men:

1. Strong interest in men

Whether a woman wins a man’s love, the first thing to examine is whether a man is interested in a woman? This kind of interest is definitely not an ordinary interest, but a desire strong enough to make a man’s soul linger. It can be said that love is the beginning of a man’s real conquest of the world, and it is also a man’s desire to conquer at the best moment of essence, qi and god. Its intensity is definitely not what a mature man can show. For this desire, men can often use various means to express their love to women, so that women have a feeling of being surrounded by fire. It is often this kind of fire-like love that moves a woman’s heart. Therefore, women must carefully examine whether the man who pursues them has a strong interest in them or not? Interest that has no firepower or short firepower is not the criterion for true love.

2. Men act like crazy

Men are animals of desire, but also animals of action. Men should act as long as they are interested in women. The stronger the desire, the greater the motivation, even without regard to any outcome. The process of action is the process of a man expressing his love, and it is also the process of a man leading to happiness. A little hint or acceptance by a woman to a man will make a man never tire of it. Therefore, when in love, women must maintain sufficient restraint and generally do not take the initiative. Just like fishing, you have to tease slowly, so that men can’t let go, so men will find ways to attack women. This process is very artistic, and it is also the best moment for a woman to enjoy femininity.

Different men have different aggressive behaviors. Some men wait for the appearance of women in the wind and rain, in order to shelter them from the wind and rain; some men appear in front of women’s doors with countless roses in order to express their love; some men write with all their might. Hot words to impress women… These are all expressions of men’s love. Different women also like different aggressive behaviors of men. However, what I want to say is that no matter what kind of action, as long as it is intentional and sincere, it is beautiful. It’s a pity that many women always make love puppets in front of men’s money. This is the sadness of love. I’m not saying that true love should be “naked”, but that true love cannot be measured by money. That kind of unforgettable love needs to be felt with the heart, and it is more worthy of our experience.

3. Men's perseverance

Men generally don’t give up when they get what they like. When we look at little boys, we should know that boys often have exclusive desires for their favorite toys, while some little girls sometimes show big and selfless, able to share with others. From love to marriage, if a man truly loves a woman, he will generally stay with him, and he will always treat a woman as a priceless treasure.

Many men and women like to run to their mother-in-law’s house when they are in a relationship . Many parents say that raising sons is for others, which is why mothers-in-law like sons-in-law!

After marriage, the relationship between men and women often becomes very weak because of physical intercourse and daily chores. This is the reason for the seven-year itch and ten-year pain in marriage. Therefore, getting a man who truly loves her, and constantly improving or maintaining her attractive position in the hearts of men is something that women need to consider when they are in love. It is a pity that many women are always looking for the man they like according to their own wishes, so they have buried hidden dangers in the love after marriage. In marriage, a man’s love for a woman is more important than a woman’s love for a man. A man’s love for a woman is often expressed in whether the love can last, and a woman’s love for a man is often expressed in whether the love is real? This may be the difference between men and women, and this is where women need to change their minds.

4. Men struggle for love

Men may not win women with all their expressions. Men also need to have a firm life direction and a strong ability to struggle. What men can bring to women is definitely not what they may have now, but the expectations they can bring to women in the future. A lot of men like to brag, and that’s not a bad thing. Instead, it may be an expression of a man’s true love. Because many things not only need men to say, but also need men to do. Men generally have a face, and it is unacceptable for men to break their promises in front of the woman they love. Of course, if a man doesn’t really love a woman or wants to have fun, it’s normal for a man to brag or break his promise. Therefore, in the face of men’s rhetoric, women should keep a calm, but also carefully discern.

A man will never stop fighting for the woman he loves. No matter how difficult it is, I will do my best and not try my best. Many women don’t pay attention to this point before marriage, and often find out after marriage that men don’t want to make progress, so they are heartbroken. Yes, the romance in love always turns into a dull marriage. A man without hope is naturally the sorrow of the family and the heartache of a woman. A real man is definitely the hope of the home.

From these four criteria, we can see that love is a process, a process from interest to devotion to struggle. This process is progressive, full of hope, and more stable. Only in this way can we hold the hand of a child and grow old with it, and a woman can experience true happiness in the paradise of love.

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