Don’t take ambiguity for affection

A year ago, at Liangmuyuan Cafe, he invited me for coffee for the first time, and then told me that he was leaving, which meant that I was going to lose him. The reason why he chose this environment told me that he was really afraid that I would lose control. In fact, I didn’t have any out of control performance, I was completely numb.

Two days later, when I returned to the hut we rented, it was already empty, and I suddenly burst into tears, as if something shattered in my heart.

It was a spring. I thought that I would never leave the city where I live, but when I received the news that he was getting engaged, I immediately told myself that I was going to Shanghai to be by his side.

The parents were heartbroken. The always well-behaved daughter actually quit her job on her own initiative and went to join a man who was about to get married 1,400 kilometers away.

His fiancée was his high school classmate, and he had a crush on him when he was young. At his engagement, the moment they kissed, I burst into tears on the lawn outside the hotel.

With the help of his good friend Ning, I settled in a city completely foreign to me.

Late one night, he avoided his fiancée’s call, with pity and love in his tone: “How are you? Is there any problem with life?” The familiar voice was like the sound of nature, which brought tears to my eyes. This phone call warms my heart, and it seems that one day I will wait for him to come back.

After work, I decided not to make any stops, but hurried home, maybe his phone was waiting for me. And he never let me down. He called almost every day, and his tone was even softer than when we were together. This makes me have infinite reverie: because we were so passionately in love.

I lived slowly in this warmth and anticipation. When winter came, he called and said, “It’s cold, remember to put on clothes.” His tone was still deep and affectionate, as if I could see him as soon as I turned around. I finally couldn’t help myself and said, “Can you come and see me? I have a cold and have a headache and fever.”

He came, and brought many gifts, as if everything was in the past. He hugged me and patted my head like a little girl…

Until one day, I accompanied a pregnant female colleague from the company to the hospital for a physical examination. Walking in the long corridor, I found a familiar figure supporting a potbellied young woman with a happy smile on her face. I could see that it was him and his fiancee.

I stopped far away, my body stiffened a little bit, and I heard the sound of my heart breaking again. On the way home, I finally figured out, those late-night phone calls, but he occasionally felt a little guilt while he was happy, and thought even worse, he was just eating in the bowl and thinking about the pot. It used to be, so He left me and is now, so he’s ambiguous.

And I, Juran regarded his ambiguity as affectionate!

I was seriously ill. In the middle of the night, my cell phone rang, and it was still his phone. He was a little exasperated and asked why the phone at home couldn’t get through. I smiled lightly: My phone number has changed, please don’t call again in the future. If you feel really guilty, then bless me. I put down the phone and suddenly felt incredibly relaxed.

I should have my own life.

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