Don’t stick out your tongue when kissing, use your lips more

Let’s take a look at the definition of the kiss entry on wikipedia – A kiss is the touch or pressing of one’s lips against another person or an object.

Focus on the point - lips, there is no tongue at all.

The collision between the lips is the true meaning of kissing. Lips are one of your softest exposed body parts, and when it comes into contact with another lip, a wonderful reaction happens. Studies have found that our cerebral cortex receives a very large area of ​​​​stimulating signals from the lips, so it can bring pleasure and trigger sexual arousal.

Of course, the tongue can also stimulate the cerebral cortex, but the use of the tongue must be appropriate.

Because if used improperly, it will lead to the following negative experiences -

1. Using the tongue all the time will cause excessive saliva secretion and reduce the kissing experience

Not using the tongue can lead to increased saliva production. Excessive saliva will not only cause the other party’s nausea, but more importantly, it will reduce the friction between the lips of both parties and reduce the pleasure brought by friction.

2. Rampage tongue gives a sense of aggression and aggression.

“I felt like I was being raped by his tongue.”

For those who use their tongues to attack the city, the other person’s feeling is the feeling of being raped.

Kissing is not a forced kiss. Kissing is about a kind of even-handed mediation, and you come and go with me is a benign way of kissing. So don’t indulge your tongue recklessly, learn to control it, and learn to let it go.

So how do you make the most of your lips to satisfy each other?

Just one point – learn to bite/snap and suck each other’s upper or lower lip with your own lips.

This skill is really super critical and super useful.

The feeling of kissing with this technique:

“I like to bite her lips lightly, like pig trotters stewed in white water, rich in collagen, soft and glutinous and especially elastic, and it slips into my mouth after a light suction. However, I can’t swallow it. Makes people anxious.

So where does this technique fit in the entire kissing process?

Step 1: First, lock the other person’s eyes affectionately with your eyes, lean forward gently, insert one hand into the hair behind the other person’s ear, and put your thumb on the other person’s cheek.

Step 2: Lightly kiss the other person’s forehead, then kiss the temple next to the eyes, then down to the cheek, and then to the corner of the other’s mouth.

Step 3: Lightly bite the upper lip with your own lips, release it for a while, then bite the other’s lower lip and release it for a while.

Step 4: Open the upper lip slightly, gently wrap the upper and lower lips of the other party, stick out the tongue and lightly lick the other party’s upper lip, and then lick the lower lip.

Step 5: Tap the other’s teeth with the tongue. After the other’s teeth are open, put the tongue into the other’s mouth, lick and touch the other’s tongue. The tongue can move in the order from bottom to top in the other’s mouth. Draw circles lightly.

Step 6: Pull the tongue out of the opponent’s mouth and go back to Step 3 again.

Step 7: Remember to intersperse and kiss other parts of the other party. Boys can kiss sensitive areas such as the girl’s neck, behind the ears and collarbone. Girls can also kiss the boy’s Adam’s apple.

Finally: Singles can practice their finger slits as lips!

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