Don’t make each other sad when you break up

Once two people who were in love with each other, one party proposed to break up, and the other party was in pain. However, no matter how painful it is, when you break up, you should not speak harshly to the person you once loved and the person you love. Think about it, in this world, the person who can hurt you must be the person you love; the person who can hurt you must be the person who loves you. Otherwise, how could she have a chance to carve scars on your heart? How can she be qualified to let you float in the sea of ​​love?

If you are destined to break up, what’s the use of gnashing your teeth and saying those ridiculous cruel words? Do you have the ability to scold her 24 hours a day, try it? People, who used to have two feet, are now being scolded by you for two feet. She will only run faster, and she will take away the things that belonged to the two of you before, leaving you nothing left. Now that people have let go, you shouldn’t lie to yourself with that trivial feeling. Everyone knows that falling in love is always easy, but getting along is too difficult. After getting along for a long time, the passion of the flames will naturally be dull. And love and innocence are originally twins. In this way, it is not surprising that a sad story occurs between two people who were once in love.

Love, originally a happy thing, but now, being made into the saddest thing, do you think it is only the responsibility of one party? Modern love is not an era when parents have the final say; it is not an era when king tigers robbed relatives, and it is not an era when subordinates have opinions and superiors forcibly suppress them. All freedom is in your own hands. How happy it was to hold hands with him in the first place. Now that you’re breaking up, maybe you’ve done something that really disappoints her. God gave everyone a one-way ticket to hell. The point is, don’t think of yourself as an angel, or you’ll get the pain of being broken wings from time to time.

Don’t believe “Only you know my heart best” in popular songs, that’s a lie. A person’s heart is dug out, placed in your palm, and then put on a 12,000-degree peeping glass, but you won’t be able to see what’s in it. What’s more, his heart was well wrapped in thick flesh. Just think, if only he really understands your heart, then, when she leaves you, isn’t it understood that no one else understands you in your life? A life that no one understands is a pitiful life, a sad life, a life in which life and death do not matter. Do you want to live your life only for one person? When you meet such a person, you might as well sing in reverse: “Only you don’t understand my heart.”

Love, it’s hard to tell right from wrong. If you can tell the difference wisely, then you should learn to forget the wrong. Forgetting is a kind of mental metabolism. A brain that will not forget is like a balloon that can only breathe in and not let out, which will make you suffocate and die sooner or later. In fact, you only need to know that not all affections can be lingering; not all encounters can go together; not all loves can stay together for a long time; that’s it. A lover can go, but the former affection cannot be taken away. Facing the love that has turned around, it is better to say “take care all the way” in a sincere way than to speak ruthlessly.

Many people opened their mouths and shouted: I have no regrets if I love! In fact, it’s all self-deceiving nonsense. You have given, and in my heart I hope to be rewarded. The human heart is full of flesh, and it is not shameful to have such thoughts. Just like some people, who clearly love in their hearts, but insist on hating with their mouths, hatred at this time is like a layer of butter smeared on the surface of love, to cover up the truth. Otherwise, when the fire of love is extinguished, the pain will not burn. However, don’t let the pain burn your brain, don’t be a fool or a fool when you break up, and especially don’t make the other person feel very lucky that they chose to leave you at that time.

The opposite of love is hate, and the positive of hate is love. A word of fate will inexplicably reverse the pros and cons. Love is like chocolate, if you eat too fast, the time to taste sweet will be shortened; if you eat too slowly, the rest will be melted; hate is like wine, drink too fast, it will make you intoxicated and hurt your stomach; drink too much Too slow and not strong enough. If you can’t eat your love properly and drink your hatred properly and let it develop, sooner or later, they will turn into something unpleasant and poisonous like wine lees, which is extremely harmful to the body.

When a relationship comes to an end, don’t pour ruthless saliva to him to prove the pain and innocence of your abandonment. If doing that can make your wounds heal faster; make your mind more balanced; make your time to find yourself a little shorter, then you will spare no effort to pay tribute to those who have loved you and those you have loved. Fire people violently! You must aim at close range, and when you shoot, try to have no missed bullets and lethal moves. I have long heard that “kill a thousand people, self-destructing eight hundred.” You don’t believe the vicious words that come out of your mouth. While making the other party feel ashamed, your own heart doesn’t hurt at all?

If you really hate him from the bottom of your heart, it means that you don’t really love him at all. You are just used to him being around you all day long. His role is just a spare tire. Since you don’t get attention from you, and people choose to serve other cars, what are you reluctant to give up, what is the imbalance?

A wound is a note of love, and many of the contents recorded in it will take your whole life to forget. Isn’t it worth cherishing the emotions that can accompany you for a lifetime? Pain is an important wealth in life, don’t trample it easily; the person who once loved you must have a predestined relationship with you in the past life, so don’t abuse it with words. If she really gave you up in this life, it’s because you gave her up in a past life.

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