Don’t lose yourself just because you love someone!

Love someone,

You can love to the core,

But don’t fall into the dust!

Don’t think that your love will impress him

But in fact,

Your liking has nothing to do with him!

The development of anything requires a process,

Rushing for success often does not receive good results!

In the same way, you are eager to express the affection of your heart,

but chose an inappropriate time,

If God does not miss you,

That means you have to walk into the pit of “confession to death”,

And entering this pit often makes you unable to extricate yourself!

The wine is mellow and delicious,

Thanks to the long years of fermentation and brewing!

Feelings are just like wine,

only older ones,

Will brew a better love lingering!

So, when there is a person that particularly appeals to you,

when appearing in front of you,

the most sensible thing to do,

It is to suppress that impulse first,

Keep your secret in your heart,

First approach slowly as a friend,

When the time is ripe,

Try to change roles again!

In fact, life is wonderful,

It must be better to live a life with people who are heart-warming!

So when you meet someone who makes you happy,

is a kind of luck,

But while you strive hard,

Remember not to lose yourself because of this!

Cherish what you have at the moment!

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