Don’t do these things on the first date

Both men and women want to make a good first impression on each other on their first date. However, some inappropriate words or behaviors make the other party feel bored and lead to unhappy separation. The American “Men’s Health” magazine summarizes the most common mistakes made on the first date, and reminds people who date.

1. The joke is overdone.

If you tell the other person something like “my partner must stand up to jokes” on the first date, then it is likely to leave the other person with the impression of no seriousness. Conservative and mild jokes are more humorous, and jokes such as “yellow jokes” are not suitable for first meeting, otherwise they will make people feel vulgar. It’s best not to overdo the joke until you understand the “bottom line” that the other person can accept.

2. Compliment yourself bewilderingly.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with showing your strengths and charisma on a first date. However, if you always like to show off your wealth and brag too much, you will either show off a photo of yourself and a luxury car during a date, or you will never leave luxury goods alone. , the impression of “too strong copper smell”, and even “scare away” the date.

3. Satire the other party's mistakes.

Showing wit and self-confidence is a good thing, but it can’t be based on “sarcasm the other side’s mistakes”. If you try to reflect your strengths by correcting your mistakes, you are making a big mistake. The purpose of dating is to make both parties happy and romantic.

4. Love to talk about "ex".

Start dating people to show that you have said goodbye to the past and look to the future. No matter what your last relationship brought you, don’t comment too much on the first date and look like you’re holding on to it. Otherwise, the other party will think that you haven’t come out of the last relationship, and it is not suitable to start a new relationship.

5. Premature use of affectionate names.

When they are unfamiliar with each other, they use affectionate titles such as “dear” and “baby”, which will leave a casual and sloppy impression on each other.

6. Behaving inappropriately.

Being polite will give you extra points. Improper behavior, such as men peeking at other women, speaking loudly in public, or having a bad attitude toward restaurant waiters, can give the impression of being frivolous and uneducated, making it difficult to make a date successful. Therefore, for a perfect date, it is necessary not only to meet people who are in love with each other, but also to continuously improve one’s self-cultivation, so that dating can become the beginning of a romantic relationship.

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