Does sex destroy friendships?

When a man and a woman become friends, if one of them has a sexual interest in the other, or in each other, is the friendship destroyed?

For this question, I think the first assumption is that “sexual interest is bad and evil”.

But is this assumption objectively true? Is having sex a bad thing?

As far as I am concerned, I welcome friendships with the opposite sex, and I don’t see the sparks of collisions as floods, because I know that all relationships are fluid. Any relationship may be mixed with other things in the process of flow – if both parties want to seek business cooperation, then of course will be mixed with interests (interest is a neutral word); if the two sides have enough sexual tension, they may also call (Sex is also a neutral word).

I don’t interfere with these flows, just try to make each other comfortable. If one of the parties becomes possessive, or has other disturbing emotions that interfere with normal life, then I think it’s best to stop the relationship for a while.

Nowadays, many young girls seek the help of social software in order to expand their social contacts and, on the other hand, dream of finding a good marriage, but in the end they only come to the conclusion that there is no good thing for men.

For these sisters who love and hate men, are full of resentment, and complain so much, I have a little suggestion: should you put down your mobile phone first and get out of social software?

As long as you walk around in the real world, you will find that there are many cute boys. Why are all the men with sperm on the brain found on social software? ——Because for such a crowd, the first thing to consider is dating software!

It’s like running to a shop selling salted fish and complaining that it tastes too fishy – that’s what the salted fish shop is all about! Some people just like it… If you don’t like the smell, just go out and go to another store! Bakery, flower shop, coffee shop, barbecue shop… The world is big, it covers everything, you can choose. Why do you have to fight with the salted fish that you don’t like so much?

In fact, hanging out with different people is a really interesting pastime.

Love is deep and exclusive, but friendship is broad and colorful. There is no important or unimportant distinction between the two, but the world often ignores that friendship is also an important factor that makes people happy, and crowds into the narrow path of pursuing love.

For me, wanting to connect with more real people, to get rid of the narrowness in myself through the cross-pollination of ideas, and to have fun with it, is that I want to be friends with these individuals, it doesn’t matter if they are women or men.

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