Does having sex in the water make you more enjoyable?

What problems should you pay attention to when having sex in the water?

I don’t know if you have heard such a statement: the birth of human beings is closely related to water.

In the mother’s body, the baby’s body is always surrounded by amniotic fluid, and our survival is inseparable from the water.

The same is true of love in the water, which makes many people yearn for it.

According to unnamed research statistics, at least 54% of couples or couples, the most favorite scene is the swimming pool or water.

Even if you choose a scene other than the bedroom, the bathtub or shower room also ranks top 1, becoming the first choice for 82% of couples.

What’s more, if you move in the water, you can also use the buoyancy of the water, which is very labor-saving.

Coupled with the stimulation of unfamiliar scenes, isn’t it a good choice to pursue novel feelings.

But oh my friends, the love of water sounds fun, but you have to be aware of the dangers involved.

Passionate moments, don’t forget these

Friends, don’t just focus on experiencing new experiences with your partner, these things need to be paid attention to.

1.Safety is the first priority.

Whether it is the swimming pool, the bathroom, or the shower, be careful of slippery floors and hard walls. If you accidentally fall, it will destroy the experience and hurt your body.

It’s best to choose a place where the space is suitable, find supporting facilities, and don’t forget the anti-skid pads to leave a safety line for yourself.

2.Contraception is the second key point.

In the whole X life with water participation, the condom may fall off very easily. Coupled with the baptism of hot water, the latex material is more likely to break. Although there are other methods of contraception, it is safer to wear condoms for those with sexually transmitted diseases.

If you want to experience “the feeling of not wearing a condom”… we can only say that you can experience it with a reliable partner~

3.Lubrication is the third key point.

Don’t think that in water, you can increase lubrication. It’s a big mistake. Water will flush out the lubricating fluid secreted by the human body, which will easily dry out everywhere, increase pain, and lead to X experience. worse.
So at this time, lubricants become particularly important. If you want to use small toys in water, remember not to use silicone-based lubricants.

Shouldn't it be more labor-saving to have sex in the water?

In principle, the buoyancy of water is relatively large, which will save energy for the movements of two people, but if the movements are too violent or if the two sides do not cooperate well, it is easy to cause tearing of the vagina or fracture of the penis.

If it is a flowing water environment, the buoyancy of the water will also hinder the movement of the penis to varying degrees. Therefore, if you are not confident in your own skills, it is not recommended that you have sex in the water.

Does sex in water easily cause gynecological diseases?

Strictly speaking, women’s body structure is easily affected by the environment, especially before and after menstruation, the body’s immunity will decline to a certain extent. When having sex in water, water may enter the vagina with the action. In case the water is not clean or contains bacteria, it is easy to cause gynecological diseases, but in the case of good health, a small amount of water will not cause gynecological diseases.

In a hot bath, does high temperature help with contraception?

This is a big mistake! Although sperm will lose activity at high temperature, it is not spermicidal! What’s more, a single ejaculation can survive hundreds of millions of healthy sperm… So no matter in any scenario, if you don’t want to get pregnant, you should use contraception!

Alright folks, you must already know a lot about this new scene after seeing this.

Not much else to say, hygiene and safety must be remembered.

Have a chance to try it out. I wish you a good experience and keep your love fresh~

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