Does drinking help or ruin in your sex?

Romantic love always seems to be inseparable from wine. The cups are staggered, the light and shadow flicker, the inner enthusiasm gradually ignites, and the other party becomes more hazy and charming.

The ancients once regarded wine as an “aphrodisiac”. They believed that drinking alcohol could help men, and there was also a so-called “drinker wins new love”.

When it comes to sex, however, alcohol is actually a double-edged sword—both helping and destroying.

Less alcohol can boost libido

A small drink is better than a wedding, and drinking in moderation can reduce fatigue, make people feel relaxed and light, and the goddess who usually dare not confess can also have a relaxed conversation, and the handsome guy who is usually ashamed to talk can also boldly say love. A small amount of alcohol not only liberates us psychologically, but also has the effect of assisting physiologically. A small amount of alcohol will make girls feel like an electric shock, and it will also make men behave more powerfully.

Too much alcohol hurts

Shakespeare once said: “Wine arouses desire, but it also makes action impossible.” This is the portrayal of big drunkenness. Although the more alcohol you drink, the more complete the liberation of nature is, but the liberation of nature alone cannot be achieved. The thing is, too much alcohol will make people think slowly, reduce their mobility, and eventually they will be more than enough.

Alcoholism equals self-indulgence

Long-term alcoholism is tantamount to practicing the sunflower book on your own.

The first formula: reduce the sensitivity of the central nervous system. Long-term alcohol abuse can lead to decreased sensitivity, decreased libido, more difficulty getting up, and difficulty releasing after getting up;

The second formula: damage the liver function, causing the liver to metabolize and transform male hormones. In the long run, the level of androgen in the blood will decrease, and the result can be imagined;

The third type: directly damage the blood vessels and tissues in key parts, which is not much different from the self-contained palace.

So let’s drink in moderation.

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