Does changing positions frequently really increase the pleasure of sex?

The idea of ​a director who shoots pornography is actually relatively simple. He just wants to increase the watchability of the film by changing scenes and sexual positions, but the thoughts in the minds of the people who have watched pornography are not very simple. In their opinion: In a bed activity, the more sexual positions you can change, the more you can represent your proficiency in sexual skills, the more you can add color to this sexual activity, and the more your partner can achieve orgasm.

But in fact, that’s not the case. From the perspective of women, there is also a set of exercises for the activities on this bed, and the gist of it can be forcibly summarized into the four words “Road to Jane”.

In fact, women do not need their partners to use a lot of sexual positions. On the contrary, finding a position that is more compatible with both sides and sticking to it for a long time is enough to make women happy physically and mentally.

In fact, the female body’s sexual response mechanism is similar to that of males in some aspects.

When men perform traditional masturbation activities, they need to hold the penis with one hand and do piston movement for a long time. The penis will slowly accumulate energy in this repeated friction. When the accumulated energy is enough, it can break through the body. When the sexual threshold is reached, men achieve physical orgasm, which is a gradual process.

In sexual activities, even if men change various positions, it does not affect their final physical orgasm, because they are always doing piston exercises.

Unlike men, female orgasm generally requires stimulation of the G-spot on the vagina and the head of the clitoris at the same time. This friction process is also slow and gradual, requiring a long time to hold a position, a bit like knocking a wooden fish, when the savings are accumulated. A physical orgasm is achieved when the energy of the person can break through the physical threshold of sexuality.

In the process of energy accumulation, if a man immediately changes his posture, a woman may feel a sense of depression in her heart, like an empty water glass, which has finally received half of the water and is immediately full, and is suddenly told to start over.

In the piston movement, if both parties are ready to go to the climax point, it is best to change to the position that best fits the two parties, and then control the speed of friction, do not collide randomly, and repeat at a certain rhythm at first. When exercising at a constant speed, when the energy is accumulated to 60%-70%, slowly accelerate, and when the energy is accumulated to 90%-95%, you can do the final sprint, and with proper control, you can reach a climax together.

There must be men who want to ask: “Then how do I judge how much energy she has accumulated?”

Sexual life is actually getting better after two people’s long-term running-in. The longer they get along, the more familiar they become with each other’s bodies, so familiar that you can judge where the other party’s sexual response has risen.

In particular, 90%-95% of the sexual reaction points are easier to judge. She will have the phenomenon of yin tract contraction, and may have facial flushing, facial muscles may even be twisted and hideous, and each woman’s physical response may be different. But it must be different from ordinary sexual reactions. When she couldn’t help screaming loudly, it meant that the energy she had accumulated had broken through the physical threshold and reached an orgasm.

In this process, some auxiliary sex toys may be needed.

In fact, it takes a certain amount of perseverance for a man to insist on doing repetitive movements for a long time. On the one hand, his body might become stiff and sore; on the other hand, his penis might not hold on and surrendered first. Men may consider practicing kung fu on the hands. Compared with the penis, although the fingers are slender, they also have their own unique advantages, that is, they are extremely flexible.

However, it should be noted that for everything that is going to be inserted into the vagina, you must bring a condom to them, and hygiene and safety must always be the first priority. On the market, there is a kind of condom tailored for fingers called “finger cover”. It is recommended to choose medical grade when purchasing.

All of the above discussion is probably just to summarize the following sentence: the new postures that are properly tried can really add color to a sexual activity, but the sexual postures are by no means the more the better, the two people need to explore mutual like and fit. Posture, when the two sides are ready to reach the point of climax, there is a high probability that they must stick to one posture for a long time and fight to the end.

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